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TD Hangover – The King in Yellow was…

I’ve still sorta got True Detective hangover. I’m thinking about the show and stuff, and don’t really wanna start watching anything else.

I’ve heard people are disappointed in the finale. I liked it. I think TD was more the story of how this awful case transformed Marty & Rust, rather than some Lovecraftian whodunnit. I would argue that both Marty & Rust transformed from inward looking to outward looking.

Marty, when we first met him, and during the early part of the case, was generally only concerned with his happiness. He didn’t stop to consider how his cheating would affect his family, or how being a bad father would affect his kids. Marty was only concerned about Marty.

But as the case wore on, Marty lost his family. I think as time passed, especially during the point from 2002 to now, Marty realized how lonely he was and how much he had lost. When he met up with Rust again in 2013, he was a markedly better detective this time around. Marty was the one who cracked the case by connecting green ears with the green house.

By the end, it’s Marty who’s taking care of Rust. It’s Marty who makes Rust feel better. Because now, Marty is looking outwards. He’s caring about others rather than himself.

Rust, of course, has changed because now he has hope. When we first met Rust (tasting the psychosphere), he talked about how he called himself a pessimist who lacked the constitution for suicide. And then throughout the case he was just a nihilistic, fatalistic, kinda jerk to be around, kinda guy. 

As an aside, I think it’s probably this that drove away the woman he lived with. Probably just the idea that Rust wasn’t ready to accept anyone into his life. Because Rust was solely focused on his experience. Looking inward.

Of course, by the end, Rust is filled with a little bit of hope. And this hope will keep him looking towards the future. Outward looking.

Maybe that analogy isn’t so great for Rust – but for Marty it is. I think the thing I forgot about the last two episodes of TD was the fact that Marty had become a much better detective.

Actually, did Marty show any competency before he watched the video? Or was it only after the video, when he started working full-time with Rust, that he displayed competency. I can’t remember – I think it was probably after seeing the video.

Anyhoo, I’ve seen other theories about who the Yellow King is. One guy said it was the show itself, because you would drive yourself mad trying to figure out who the Yellow King is. (The King In Yellow is a horror book written in like 1898 or something, about a play where if it’s watched, the viewer will go mad.) Other theories I’ve seen suggest that Errol’s father was the Yellow King or Errol himself.

I don’t think it matters who the Yellow King was. We can infer that this would have been someone at the ritual sacrifices who was in charge. Since the FBI shut down the investigation, we’ll never find out (or at least Marty & Rust will never find out) who the Yellow King was. 

Personally, I like the idea that it’s the sun and they’re a solar-worshiping cult. Whatevs. See ya for season 2!



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