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Friday ramble

Welp, I sure did get a bunch more people coming to this blog looking at all the shenanigans I wrote about True Detective. Just goes to show how awesome that show was, and how mystified it left people looking for answers on who the Yellow King was.

So now I’m looking for a new show to watch. I was watching House of Cards, but it’s getting intense. So I’m stuck midway through episode 8 with no real desire to watch anymore. I probably will get the itch soon enough, but the way it’s looking now, Doug Stamper, the chief assistant to Kevin Spacey is gonna get brought down by a hooker with whom he’s got a soft spot. Bummer.

I love Doug Stamper. Just radiates quiet, calm confidence with a hint of menace. Super effective at his job. No emotion. Moves through life with robotic efficiency. I only wish I was half as effective and disciplined as Doug Stamper. Stamper, to me, is a badass. 

But now, it looks like he’s developed “feelings” for a hooker that Peter Russo slept with in season 1, and is therefore a skeleton in Frank Underwood’s closet. (I can’t quite remember why, maybe because Underwood hired the hooker or Stamper did or something? I ‘unno.) And whenever a robot develops feelings, it always ends up getting melted in the end. (That was the whole point of Terminator 2, if I recall.)

Well, whatever. I don’t know much about US politics and The House and The Senate and all that, so I’m not always 100% sure of what’s going on. I do know that Kevin Spacey is the VP and is sucking up to the president – while him and his wife are subtly trying to sew division within the ranks. I’m almost certain that Kevin Spacey (AKA: Frank Underwood – note the initials) is going to somehow finagle his way into becoming President. I really want to see how that happens, but I also don’t want Doug to go down over a hooker.

Ah, such is drama on television. I’m not suited to watching drama – I just can’t handle the pressure. I’m much more suited to watching cartoons and comedies.

I’ve got two episodes of Archer waiting in the queue of things to watch, but I admit, this season hasn’t been that great. I really don’t care about the gang and them all trying to sell their cocaine or whatever. I’m having a hard time believing that everyone would stay together after ISIS broke up. The thing is, when they worked for the same company, then I believed that they’d get into these wacky situations, because they all worked together. Because they all hate each other, and so there’s no way they’d all hang out together during off work hours.

Bah. It’s a cartoon – I’m sure I’ll watch it eventually.

Anyhoo, I’ve been slacking on my goals recently. Not creating a ToDo list, not writing down my goals everyday. This isn’t a great habit to get into. I should keep doing my goals everyday, keep a steady ToDo list. These habits create self-discipline and lead to self-confidence which leads to sustained happiness. So I’ll get back to doing that tonight.

But today. Today’s a day off. Maybe play some Anno 2070 and make some Let’s Plays and just enjoy the day. Make a ToDo list at 8:00 and go to bed early. Ah, what a Friday!

Couple minutes left… Hmm… It’s Pi Day today! Happy Pi Day!

What is Pi? Pi is the circumference of a circle with diameter 1. Pi maintains this ratio of circumference to the diameter of a circle in the elegant relationship circumference = Pi * diameter. 

Because of this relationship with the circle, we can end up with beautiful expressions like e^(Pi*i)+1=0. Gorgeous.


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