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A ramble about the South Park RPG

Boy howdy! Let me tell you about an awesome video game called, “South Park: The Stick of Truth.” I bought this game on a $60 whim Friday night and basically played it the whole night through. And Saturday. And all of Sunday too. Man what a fun game!

First of all, it’s an official South Park game. So that means it’s got all the South Park voices and characters and all that goodness.

The basic gameplay idea is as follows; you’re the new kid in town, and you join up with Cartman and friends to play. Then the video game is structured like an RPG – you go around town and meet various people, perform various quests for rewards, and try and level up and gain new powers. There’s also the main storyline – which is pretty graphic (hey, it’s South Park) – but is pretty damn enjoyable. If this storyline had been an episode, for example, I wouldn’t have been disappointed. (Also, the episode might’ve had to be a 3-parter or so.)

Anyhoo, it’s hysterical fun walking around in South Park and interacting with everyone. There’s plenty of in-jokes and winks to the audience to keep one entertained. And the graphics make it look like you’re actually in an episode of South Park. (No cheap-o 3-d or anything like that.) If you like South Park, it’s just so visually captivating that you can’t help but get sucked into the atmosphere of the world.

As for drawbacks, I guess I’d have to say the game is just too easy. I initially played through on ‘normal mode’, and the learning curve wasn’t too difficult. But on my 2nd playthrough, which I played on “hardcore” mode – well then it just felt too easy. I suppose I didn’t play “fair” and follow the story line exclusively. My strategy was to do all the side-quests so I could level up and make all the later boss fights easier. It worked quite well, so that the last 3rd of the game wasn’t really challenging.

I guess, another drawback was that there wasn’t that much to differentiate in between the classes. (Standard setup for an RPG, your character belongs to one of four “classes”, where each class has it’s own unique advantages and drawbacks.) The one noticeable thing was that any class could pick up any weapon. This means if I played as a “thief”, I could still arm myself with a “Warrior’s” sword, and thereby get the benefits of that sword.

But I suppose these are nitpicky drawbacks. I know I’ll download absolutely any DLC that might be available – or any mods that give me more quests or make the game a bit harder.

In fact, I’ve never really enjoyed RPG’s before – but I think, because it was South Park, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Mostly ’cause the graphics looked all cartoony – I’ve said before on here how much I love cartoons and how those graphics appeal to me. 

This whole “Stick of Truth” episode makes me think that I would enjoy playing other RPG type games. God help me – this is how a serious World of Warcraft addiction starts. At first, it’s fun and innocent. “Oh, that RPG was fun. Maybe now I can find a serious RPG to challenge me.” Then later it’s, “Hey. I’m definitely a fan of RPG’s now, but all these standalone games are too boring. Maybe I should try World of Warcraft, I hear that’s an RPG that’s continually growing.” And then finally it’s, “Sorry Mabel. Can’t have sex tonight. I’m playing Wow! We’re going raiding!” And then eventually the police find my skeletonized body in my apartment, 5 years after I’ve died, because I fell into a diabetic coma from eating too many Clodhoppers while playing WoW and my cat had to eat my skin to stay alive.

That’s not a bright future. Still, Stick of Truth is one hell of a game!



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