Milk and Cigarettes

Rambles about stuff I like.

A sneezy, sleepy (and probably dopey) ramble about stuff that only interests me.

Life is hard when you’re tired.

I don’t get my stupid body. I go to bed around 9:30 last night, so I can get plenty of rest before I wake up at 6:00. And my stupid brain won’t cooperate – it’s all like, “Hey man! You know how comfy these flannel sheets of yours are in the morning? Well, they’re not all that comfortable now, are they!? Ha ha!” I know it was after midnight when I went to bed. Consequently, I’m friggin tired today. (Although I did do a good workout this morning, so who knows?)

Anyhoo, I’m not getting much accomplished today. I did a workout and read a bit, but forget about doing math. I need to be superfresh and ready to take on the day to do math. Doing math while sleepy? Fuhgeddaboutit. 

Man – I’m so tired, that I’m yawning and my eyes are watering because of how deep my yawn is. Now that’s friggin tired.

Anyhoo… Welp. The Sens play tonight, and although they haven’t been eliminated from the playoffs yet mathematically, their odds of making it are extremely slim. Like, less than 5% slim. So here’s hoping we go on an incredible run and manage to make the playoffs. Once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen.

What else? Guh – it’s so hard to focus. 

I had a nap already today – after my workout. It was pretty glorious, but it didn’t make me feel any less tired. Naps are supposed to make you less sleepy, but in fact it did almost the exact opposite. Man, I shoulda just pounded a tank of coffee once I had got home from the gym. Oh well, live and learn.


Plus, on top of that I’ve got do sniffoos [sic] and my nose is running. Looking back, I’m hella-surprised I was able to work out this morning. Truly, the mind is a wondrous thing – I convinced myself to take this tired, sick, wreck of a heap and put it through a grueling chore. But yet, then I spend two hours looking at cat pictures on the internet.

Welp, the school year is almost blissfully over. I still have two big marking sessions to do – probably this weekend. My two first year classes have one last test each. So that’ll be the worst of the marking over with. Of course, I’ll still have to mark a couple Algebraic Number Theory assignments and an exam, but there’s like, 12 people in that class, so it’s not the monster that these 1st year classes are.

Man… some of those 1st year chicks though. So young and hot. It mystifies me why young women would bother going to University. This is the hottest you’ll ever be! Cash in and find a husband. Don’t wait until you’re fat and 30 and messaging me stupid things on OkCupid. Meh.

This is has been a very sleepy ramble. Mostly about me and my stuff. Why? ‘Cause I’m tired and can’t think. Also, I haven’t found any new shows to watch… Still haven’t made it through episode 8 of House of Cards 2. Oh wait, maybe I did and now I’m on episode 9. Maybe I should do that to kill the rest of the day.

I suppose I should do a little math, but then I just think about how instead, I could just not do it. Plus, it’s research left over from my Master’s Thesis on stuff I don’t care about anymore. One night soon, when my parents are out of the house, I’ll just have to fill up a big-ass bowl, take a long, sweet hit and then write this fucked until I pass out.

Or maybe I could just do a little each day and keep a better sleep schedule. Whatevs.


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