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Poor Doug Stamper.

Fucking Stamper. I called it! I said he was gonna get taken down by that whore. And he did. What a fucking jerkoff.

So yeah, I finished watching the 2nd season of House of Cards. Mmm… Goddamn! That is a good show. I think the thing I most like about HoC is that Frank Underwood (the main character, note the initials) is a goal-oriented person. He sets a goal for himself, makes a plan to achieve it, then stops at nothing until he gets it. Of course, by stopping at nothing, this means he lies, cheats, steals and murders to get what he wants. So yeah, he’s a bad guy. But he gets results!

I can’t wait for Season 3. That should be awesometastic spastic. I’m gonna have to re-watch the whole series again from front to back, there’s a lot of stuff I missed/forgot from season 1.

Then Game of Thrones comes out in a couple weeks. Whooo-eee! That’s gonna be some good storytelling. Actually, I should watch all of that series from front to back again too. Especially with the new season almost upon me. Double actually, I should read the books again.

I never finished the 4th book of GoT. Why? Well, I think I got through the first 200 pages or so before I realized, “Hey, this story is all about Cersei. Who cares? Where’s Tyrion and Jon Snow and Arya?” Or maybe Arya was in it a bit – no, I think it was the other sister… uh…redhead… what’s her name? It’s something lyrically in line with all the other silly names in the series. Castrion? Windelmere? Something utterly ridiculous.

Ah, it’ll come to me.

Anyhoo… Christ. This is driving me nuts. Who are the Starks? There’s Eddard (deceased), Catlynn (deceased), Rob (deceased), Jon Snow (bastard, at the wall, knows nothing), Brann (paralyzed, visions of a 3-eyed crow), Arya (took a boat to some island somewhere), the redhead (getting preyed upon by little finger… judging by how these books have gone so far, my prediction is that she’ll be raped by Littlefinger) and the youngest one (can’t remember his silly name either. He’s off with the wildling and has probably already been eaten by her.)

Sansa! That’s the bitches name! Sansa friggin fire crotch Stark! I knew it would come to me. And I could’ve easily Googled it and not wasted all this time, but hey…

Right. So yeah, Game of Thrones comes out next month. I should definitely do something to reacquaint myself with the characters.

Soooooo, what else? Well, the stupid Senators got fucking killed last night by the Rangers. 8 to 4. I think the only way they can get into the playoffs now is if many players on other teams accidentally fall into a rent in the space-time continuum. (However, I’ve noticed that if one needs to depend on fluctuations in the space-time continuum, you’re probably not going to get the result you want.)

Oh well… I guess this means no playoff beard which will last until June. Crap. That means a lot more shaving in my future.

I should really buy a safety razor. From what I’ve read on the internet, these “Mach 5” blades don’t give a smoother shave than a safety razor. In fact, they are likely to irritate the skin. And since my skin is uber-fragile thanks to the pills I’m on, I’d prefer not to have a neck and face covered in razor burn for two days after I shave.

Welp, that’s 15 minutes. Let’s all take an extra bong hit tonight for poor ol’ Doug Stamper. Christ. This means Seth is going to be the chief of staff. Ugh. I hate Seth. He’s no Doug Stamper.


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