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I awoke several hours later in a daze

Jerry… I just don’t know some times…

Guh. It was my first day back at the gym today after being sick for a week. I had an alright workout – felt like I was gonna barf near the end, but didn’t, so I got that going for me. 

But man… then I got home, and the ol “lazy crazies” started to hit me. I’m talking a severe case of the “I gotta take a nap”s. So I did. For about 90 minutes. Glorious. I had a dream that my brother got my a pet chicken, and I had to climb up a ladder to get upstairs, and the chicken held onto my back as I climbed up the ladder. It was a weird dream.

Anyhoo, I’m officially out of good tv shows to watch. Well, good series, I mean. There’s still American Dad, Rick and Morty… those are the two standouts. There’s a couple old war horses: Simpsons, Family Guy. I’ll still download and watch them all eventually, but there’s certainly no rush. But yeah, a distinct lack of captivating TV to watch.

Maybe I should download the previous season of Boardwalk Empire. Maybe… But then I just remember Margaret Schroeder’s stupid, whiny face and I don’t care anymore. I care about Nucky Thompson, and how he’s gonna build his empire. Not stupid Maggie Schroeder and her feelings. Also there was that whole weird deal with Michael and his mother. Ugh. So I probably wont download that one.

I did start watching, “Bates Motel” awhile ago. It was pretty creepy. (After all, the young protagonist will grow up to be Psycho. We know this!) I made it through about two episodes before I said, “Meh. The mother is gonna do unspeakable things to poor Norman, and I don’t really want to be around when he snaps.)

Maybe I should just stick to comedy. A lot of the drama shows I have to pause halfway through just to compose myself. Comedy might be the way to go.

Well, not cringe comedy like The Office. I still haven’t made it through any episodes of The Office, either American or British. I don’t find uncomfortable situations funny. They’re cringe inducing, which is not what I want when I watch a comedy.

Are there any good live-action comedies out there? I’ve heard good things about Brooklyn-9-9. That’s one possibility. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Parks & Recreation, but I watched the first couple episodes of the 1st season and hated it. People raved about Community as well – the first three seasons were well done, but I rapidly lost interest after that. Then Donald Glover left. (Chevy Chase left too, but I never liked his character in the first place.) So no more Troy and Abed in the morning. Bummer.

Anyhoo… Man. The funny thing about naps is that they’re supposed to make you less tired… but it appears it has had the opposite effect. Maybe it’s ’cause I only had 1 cup of coffee this morning. There, that’s gotta be it. So, early to bed tonight. Gotta get up early tomorrow and work on this stupid math paper.

Guh. I wrote this paper about 3 years ago, and it’s only now that my prof wants to write it up good for a journal. But in the intervening years, I’ve gained mathematical maturity, so I want to make a lot of changes to improve the paper. But it’s a lot of work and not terribly exciting. Plus, there’s still my PhD research to do – which is cutting edge and fresh and exciting! 

Oh well… Only two weeks left for the semester. Then, aside from marking stuff, there’s a whole month off until I start my summer class. Glorious off time. I plan on sleeping in and smoking a lot of weed.


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