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Videogames and the new Orcs Must Die game. Rambleicious

Well… the best laid plans and all that.

Man, the gym that I go to, Goodlife, plays some of the worst music known to mankind. No one wants to work out to dance pop and songs about partying. We’re here to work out! Put on some goddamn heavy metal. And while you’re at it, take off The Food Network from the television. I don’t need to watch another episode of Worlds Fattiest Donut while I’m trying to get excited about going home and eating broccoli. Or is that just clever psychology by Goodlife, trying to get us to ruin our diets and keep going back to the gym. Oh, I’m onto you Goodlife.

Anyhoo, I just found out that Robot Entertainment is making a new Orcs Must Die videogame! Huzzah! The good news is that it will be free to play, the bad news is that it will be a 5-player, castle-storming MOBA type game. I ‘unno how much I’m into it after that. I mean, I love the whole trap aspect of OMD & OMD2, and the tower defense style gives it structure. This new one seems like it’s going to be a big multiplayer mess, where you’ve got NPC’s that you can send towards the opponents base, and they’ll send badguys after you.

But still… the traps! The traps! This sounds like it’s basically an RTS OMD, but with multiplayer. If they could figure out a single player campaign, I’d be behind it. I’m not keen on the whole ‘multiplayer experience’. Just let me play the game, thanks.

Keeping on with the videogame theme, I’ve done a Let’s Play for South Park: Stick of Truth, which is available n’yah. I’ve also done another Let’s Play series on all the side quests. That’s currently being uploaded. 

Now I’m tasked with finding another videogame to do a Let’s Play series about. I was doing a Tomb Raider one, but the graphics of that game are really good, so the filesizes for each video is huge. I need to think about doing a LP for an older but still fun game, or one that’s not all polygonned-up-the-ass with graphics. 

I may consider doing a Rome: Total War LP, (the 2004 release), but that game takes a looong time to finish. We’ll see, it’d be a good video game project and I could do 20 minute LP’s and knock off an hour a day worth of videogaming. I ‘unno, I’ve also got Sniper Elite V2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman: Arkham Asylum to play. But all of those I think are pretty graphics intensive. 

I picked up the Sniper Elite pack on Steam sale today for $10. So I’ll be playing a bunch of Sniper Elite 2 later today once I’m done all my goals. Looking forward to lots of slow-mo shots of people’s skulls getting blasted open by a high velocity round. Good ol’ wholesome fun.

I would say that the first place I go to look for games are on Steam. Steam is an absolute genius idea and I love it. Is this why people are so in love with Gabe Newell, ’cause he’s the one that thought up Steam? If so, then yeah, I can see the love.

It’s awesome having one program which contains all your games AND where you can buy more games. Fucking genius! I imagine there are other companies out there with similar programs, but Valve did it first, and did it best. That’s what counts. 

Anyhoo, it’s a bunch of 1st world problems when you can’t figure out which videogame to play next.


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