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Joffrey Cleavage: Not a great name for a band

So before I go to write a blog post I usually check my stats. One thing that pops up is the search terms people use to find this blog. And today’s most popular search term was, “joffrey cleavage.”  I mean… I don’t even… How are people searching for that? That doesn’t even go together? Joffrey’s a dude, there’s no cleavage there! But somehow, ’cause of my Game of Thrones post and pic of Cersei’s cleavage, it appears one weary internet traveller stumbled onto my site. I’m sure he was disappointed though, ’cause there’s no porn on my blog and clearly he was searching for some weird, nasty sort of Game of Thrones porn. (Gay porn? Is male cleavage a thing for gay guys?)

Anyhoo… I’m currently sitting here, stewing in my post-gym sweaty funkness ’cause there’s people at my house installing a tub and the water’s off. I would really like to shower and poop and shave… but I can’t. So I’ll vent on my blog about how gross I am and how I have to be mildly inconvenienced and wait for the water to come back on. It’s not like they’re installing a tub in my bathroom, so what do I care? *sigh*… I’ll just keep waiting.

What else? Ooh – the NHL Playoffs start tonight. There’s 3 games on tap: Montreal @ Tampa Bay, Columbus @ Pittsburgh and Dallas @ Anaheim. Man, I’m bummed that the Sens aren’t in the playoffs, but I’m pretty stoked about the playoffs in general! I think the Bruins are the team to beat in the East. I forsee a Bruins-Penguins Eastern Conference final. For the West, I like Chicago and St. Louis – but the West has so many good teams. I think whichever team in the West makes it to the Stanley Cup Final will win it all. 

Ugh… I can’t get over just how gross I am. My hands are all dirty from doing push-ups on the gym floor. My face is all caked with sweat and gunk…Bleah.

Hmmm… what else? Welp, I’m going to definitely need to choose a new game for my next Let’s Play series. I really, really want to do a Rome: Total War Let’s Play, but I can’t get my capture software to work properly. I’m using Open Broadcaster Software, which has been the tits for all the other games I’ve played so far – but for some reason, it’s just not working for R:TW. Too bad, ’cause I love that game (even though I’ve never managed to finish a full campaign.) 

Uh… what else? Man, I’m stumbling through this blog post today, boy. Lemme tell ya….

Well, Rick and Morty finished off it’s 1st season. It’s a really good show. For those who’ve never seen it, here’s the plot: a genius named Rick lives with his daughter’s family, and takes his grandson Morty on interstellar and inter-dimensional adventures. And there’s B-stories about the family and how they cope with Rick’s madness thrown in. Also, it’s a cartoon. So I love it. But it wont be on for another year. Bummerama.

And there’s 15 minutes!


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