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The Wubba Lubbs Lub Dubs ramble!

NHL Playoffs! Wubba lubba lub dubs!!

Even though the Sens aren’t in the playoffs, I’m still pretty stoked. I watched the MTL/Tampa Bay game last night. Whooo doggies, that’s some excitement! There were a bunch of lead changes, and back and forth action, nothing but razzle dazzle! Now I’m surfing for all the NHL filler I can read. Mmmm…. The immersion of hockey.

I never would’ve liked hockey if it weren’t for video games. I think one of the first games I got for Xbox (way back in 2005 or so) was hockey, and then I’d play that after work while I smoked a doober. This was back in my first apartment, out on my own for the first time. So the experience was transcendent. 

But then as I got more and more into video games, I got more and more frustrated with the NHL games. The physics models were no good, and the graphics weren’t the best compared to PC games and playing against the computer was too easy. However, I did start to watch Ottawa Senators games on tv in the meantime. 

Plus, back then, I was working at a 9-5 hellhole every day. I could basically surf the net the whole day, so having the Ottawa Senators to read about made things more interesting. 

And this is how my passion for hockey grew. I think it was the 2005-2006 season, I would pass time at work by reading about the Sens. But then I’d be all excited, ’cause we were a winning team, and so I’d go home and be able to watch the game! Wow! And I can have cereal for dinner!? This is the best time ever!

So over the years, until 2008, I worked a regular job, and would pass the time by reading about the Sens. Then when I went back to school, by that time, I was a megafan. So I’d made my transition during that time from ‘casual sports fan’ to ‘sports nut’. (That was also right around the time I started watching NFL games regularly. Of course, my love of NFL grew due to my participation in a fantasy football league, but that’s another story for another day. Also, that’s the whole story.)

Anyhoo, I’m downloading Orphan Black now as my next ‘new’ show to watch. Everyone on the internet is raving about it, and it’s Sci-Fi, so it might prove a suitable replacement for Firefly. (Weep for Wash.) 

I’ve seen 10 minutes or so of the first episode before I get bored and turn it off. But from what I understand, the show is about a girl who’s been cloned, and she meets up with her other clones and goes on a rampage or something. 

Absolutely every review I’ve seen raves about the lead actress. Since she’s the clone, she plays 3 or 4 (or more, I ‘unno) different parts on the show. So I’m guessing each character is unique with their own little subtleties and nuance, because why else would the critics be raving? 

So yeah, Orphan Black. I’ll do my best to get through the first show. Then we’ll see if I’m hooked or not. Some shows which I love now started out pretty rough (I’m looking at you, American Dad) but made it through that 1st season and rocketed to the top. I’ll make a commitment to watch that first episode no matter what…

Guffaw. I’m making it seem like sitting and watching something for an hour is such a chore. Champagne problems, right?

Anyhoo… so yeah, the only other show I’m watching is Game of Thrones. Shit is gonna get cray-cray now that Joffrey is dead. And I think Simpsons/Family Guy are almost done for the year. American Dad is done for the year, and is moving to TBS, so who the hell knows when it’ll be back on. Archer is meh this season, so no rush to watch anything there. Yup, mostly just NHL Playoffs and counting the days until Game of Thrones is back on.

15 minutes! Wubba lubba lub dubs!!


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