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Rome: Total War ramble – outlining my Scipii plans for world domination!

Oh man, is Rome: Total War ever an awesome game! According to Steam, I’ve played over 50 hours, but I still haven’t managed to finish a full campaign. This game is a monster! Here, take a look at the map.


This map is huuuuge! The game is your basic sort of “take over the world” type game. You start as one of three Roman (i.e. Italian) factions; the Julii, the Scipii and the Brutii. (Corresponding to one of the blue, red and green factions in Italy.) You then have to go about conquering the world, and when you’ve got enough military might, you’ve got to attack your Roman allies and then take over Rome itself. 

Man, this game takes forever. I’m currently playing a Scipii campaign (the ones in Blue), and I’ve managed to take over Northern Africa and I’m moving in on the Iberian peninsula. (I would take a screenshot, but for some fershlugginer reason, the game wont let me. It also wont record properly on my open broadcaster software, or I’d be doing a slow, methodical Let’s Play of the game.)

Anyhoo, if you look at the map above, I plan on taking over the Iberian peninsula, which will leave me in a good defensive position, as there’s 3 points of land entry into the Iberian peninsula. My Julii counterparts are currently at war with Gaul, so I can count on them to take Narbo Martius and Lemonum, leaving me with a buffer zone from Northern attackers. I might have to build some ships to defend against Brittania, but that’s my biggest worry in that region.

I then plan to look to capture the rest of Africa. I’ve got Tripolitania and Cyrenaica under my control, but provinces to the South and East of these regions are open for the plundering. Egypt is strong in this region, so I will have to go to war with them. But I have built my empire on the back of my Navy, so if I can keep the Egyptians land locked, I think I’ll be able to take everything in the Middle East.

I also have to temper my thirst for conquest with the aims of my Roman allies. If they are strong in a region, I might be wary of taking over nearby regions, as I will likely leave behind a skeleton crew to defend those cities, which would see my allies taking over these provinces once I inevitably turn my sights on Rome. 

So yeah! Rome: Total War – such a great game. Not only does it take lots of military planning from an overhead view, but the battles are all done as an RTS type game. So you’ve got the military maneuvers, and then you’ve got the ability to fight each battle on the battlefield. (You can let the computer take care of it if you like, which I generally do when I’ve got an overwhelming force at my disposal.) Guh, this game is so epic! Epic I say!

But alas, I’m unable to get my open broadcaster software to work with this game, so I can’t do a glorious Let’s Play like I want to. My next Let’s Play series is going to be about this game called The Swapper. It’s cool so far – it’s a puzzle-platformer, where you play a “Space Engineer” (or something) and you’ve got a clone gun, and you go around solving puzzles, and unraveling the backstory about why the mining company is all empty. It’s pretty spooky and well done so far… but it’s just to tide me over until I can get OBS working with Rome: Total War. I suspect I will have to download Shogun 2 or similar and try a Let’s Play with that. 

Oh well… World Domination awaits! 


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