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Sick Flow – Beauty Ramble

Man… I really, REALLY want to get my open broadcaster software working with Rome:Total War. I’m so in love with that game at the moment… Ungh. 

But I am doing my “The Swapper” Let’s Plays, which, as it’s a puzzle platformer, mostly consist of me going, “uhhh… what do I do now?” Although I am enjoying it at the moment, it’s an atmospheric little game. I’m some sort of Space Engineer – y’know, I think i talked about this yesterday. I’ll wait until I more than 20 minutes into the game before I tell ya what it’s about. ‘Cause honestly, I don’t really know what it’s about.

So, I think I will download Shogun 2 and try that as a Let’s Play. (I’ve got all the Total War games on Steam. $30 during the last Steam sale – or something like that.) I have played it before, but got bored or distracted or something. But now that I’ve really delved into Rome: TW, I figure I’ll be more patient with Shogun 2. Plus, I’ll get to do some offensive Japanese accents, so that’ll be a plus.

The thing about Rome: TW is that it takes, I ‘unno, like 30 hours to finish the game?! Just checking my Steam stats: I’ve played 54 hours of the game, but have yet to finish a complete campaign. Epic I say!

Anyhoo, that’ll be my video game plans for the evening. I’ll do an hour of cardio while watching the hockey game after I’m finished here. My routine for cardio is pretty simple: 

  1. Get on the treadmill.
  2. Put on the song “Dopesmoker” by Sleep
  3. Walk on the treadmill until the song ends.

Bingo bango! Easy peasy cardio. The song is over an hour long (1:03), so it works perfectly. And I get to watch hockey while I walk. Best of both worlds.

And how are things in the hockey world? Well, the Habs are enjoying a 2-0 series lead over Tampa Bay. Detroit won their 1st playoff game last night against Boston. Actually, the Detroit game last night was hella exciting. It was a 0-0 game until less than 5 minutes to go in the 3rd period, when Pavel Datsyuk (sp?) scored a beauty-sweet move again Boston. Do we have a .gif? Can we roll the .gif?



Cool. Man, that is some beauty hands right there. How I wish the Sens were in the playoffs.

Who else? The Rangers are up on Philthydelphia 1-0 in the series, same for Pittsburgh over Columbus. Chicago is down 1-0 in the series to St. Louis, and they’re playing their 2nd game as I type this. It’s 2-0 for St. Louis. Wow, if they manage to knock off the defending champs… look for them to make some noise.

I guess, because I live on the East coast and cheer for Ottawa, I really don’t care much about the Western teams. The only team I don’t want to see win are the Ducks, as they beat Ottawa in 2007 in the Stanley Cup finals. Hockey grudges are for life! If I were cheering for anyone it might be the Avalanche. The Avs currently feature Andre Benoit as a d-man, and he played for Ottawa last season. But most of the West Coast games come on after 9:00pm Eastern time, so I’ll catch the highlights in the morning and that’s it. Whatever Western team makes it to the final, best of luck budday.

So, lazy Saturday today. Tomorrow is Easter but it’s also 4/20. I suppose I will have to observe the holiday tonight, since tomorrow I have Easter dinner obligations with the fam, and Monday I’ll be waking up early to go to the gym. Plus, Monday’s a holiday, which means rents will be hanging around, which means I can’t sit around all day and smoke, which is what one does on a stoner holiday. Regardless, I will do my best tonight to get high, watch cartoons and eat junk food. But then again, that’s my normal Saturday night.


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