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So… Coming into today’s post with nothing much to talk about and not a lot going on. So I’ll talk about me, that’ll be interesting! (to me…)

Well, what’s new? I’m currently working on a math paper, about stuff related to my Masters thesis. I think I’ve found a way to get a recursive formula for twisted convolution sums. I’ll have to calculate the product of a certain Lambert series with associated trigonometric term, express that as a sum of various power series, then deduce a power series equation with the original Lambert series product. Then I can substitute in an appropriate function and boom, recursive formula for twisted convolution sums. I’ll probably do that once I’m done my PhD. 

Of course, my prof wants me to do a bunch of papers for my PhD research, and judging by how long this one is taking, that’ll take all of the rest of the year. I should really try and get a couple papers published by the end of the summer, then I can finish up my PhD, get a postdoc somewhere, and spend all my days smoking weed and doing math.

My plan at the moment is to get an NSERC postdoc. They’ll give me $40,000 CDN to work with just about anyone I want. Naturally, I’ll just work with my current prof – who’s pretty hands off – so I can just spend most of my days smoking weed and doing math.

Man, that’ll be the life. I can see it now

Get up early, but have a nice leisurely morning – drink coffee, watch the sunrise, slowly wake up. Then go work out – back home for a shower and breakfast. Then I can run whatever errands I have for the day – leaving me done all my “outside” chores by noon at the latest, so I can load up a big fat bowl and take a huge hit, turn on “Dopesmoker” by sleep on continuous replay and do math until the sun goes down.

Then finish up at night with some Let’s Plays, writing and reading… and more weed, tv, video games… oh man, life would be sweet.

Of course, I’m a huge introvert – so the idea of spending all my time alone appeals to me. I love the notion of being like Desmond in Lost. (Not the pushing the button every 108 minutes.) Being on a deserted island, following a nice routine everyday, nothing but peace and quiet. No phones ringing… No kids yelling… Just, silence… and the heavy, frog-stomping sounds of “Dopesmoker.” Righteous.

Anyhoo, that’s the plan. For now, I’ve just got to keep plugging away at these papers.

Oh, I start teaching my class two weeks from yesterday. It’s the same class I taught last summer, so I don’t even need to make any other notes! Talk about easy street! I can only hope there’s a bunch more 20-year old chicks with bodacious racks in my class. From all the internet documentaries I’ve seen, their extra credit assignment will be sleeping with me.

What else – Oh yeah, I sort’ve figured out why I like the book, “I, Claudius” so much. It’s because it’s such a great setup! Claudius is lame, has a stutter, and is therefore assumed to be some kind of moron by his elders. (Well, all the elders and cousins that are dicks, anyway.) But this means Claudius can be in the room while Livia and Tiberius discuss their secret plans. In fact, this is stupid, as Claudius is shown to be particularly brilliant, especially at organizing thoughts and ideas. 

Right now in the book, Germanicus has just died (possibly been murdered) and Tiberius is trying to maintain his status as Emperor, while keeping the rest of Rome from rioting. All while trying not to get poisoned by Livia.

I think the next fiction book I’m going to read will be Book 4 of the Game of Thrones series. From the show, I know we’re midway through book 3 – but some stuff is being borrowed from book 4 and 5. I remember starting book 4 but stopping after 100 pages ’cause it was all about Cersei and who really cares? But now that I can associate names to faces from the show, I have a feeling Book 4 will be a lot more intruiging.

This has been another scintillating “all about me” ramble!


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