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Back from Slackation – Civilization 5 ramble

Wellll I’ve been slacking in my writing recently, but it looks like I’m back on the trolley today.

I also have been slacking on Monday Morning Game of Thrones, so I’d expect that sometime this week.

But anyhoo, onwards. I start teaching my first class tonight – same gig as last year – so hopefully there’s some babealicious babes in my class. From all the internet documentaries I’ve seen, young hot girls will do anything for extra credit. 

What else? Oh man, I’ve recently become obsessed with the game Civilization 5. I bought it when it first came out, (in 2010 or so), but my computer was too shitty to run it at a decent frame rate, so I let the game gather dust in my Steam collection. Recently (last October) I upgraded my rig to a massive behemoth. But I didn’t really clue in to the fact that *now* I could actually play Civ 5. So it continued to gather dust in my Steam collection. Finally, in the past few months, I started doing Let’s Plays for various video games. (You tube channel n’yah.) So after each Let’s Play series, I’d hunt around for a new and exciting game to play.

Well, after finishing up South Park: The Stick of Truth, I needed a new game. Although I chose The Swapper, I had my eye on Civ 5. But Civ 5 is not a game for filthy casuals, there’s SOOOOo much one needs to know about this game, that it can be very intimidating to the new player. Luckily, I’ve played Civ 3 and Civ 4 when they came out, so I understood the basic principles. For me, it was a matter of learning the new game additions (hex tiles, only one unit per tile), and actually disciplining myself to finish a game.

Yes, though it sounds ridiculous, it does take discipline to finish a game of Civilization. These games can easily take 6+ hours – a really difficult game could last 12 hours. And that’s at the “Standard” time setting – one can set up an “Epic” or “Marathon” game, which takes twice and four times as long, respectively.

So you really need to be committed to playing. It’s very easy to save your game, leave it for a day, then come back to the game and not have a clue as to what you were trying to do. Then give up and start over. Seriously, you need some patience and discipline to play this game.

But what’s the gist of the game, you ask? I’ll tell ya – It’s a turn-based game. Each turn, you can move a certain number of units and have them perform various actions. Overall, the idea is that you play as a certain “civilization” – each civilization has their own unique strengths and weaknesses – and over the course of the game, you must develop your civilization so that you can satisfy one of the victory conditions.

That brief glossover doesn’t nearly do enough justice to how complicated and involved this game can get. Many have called it, “The Ultimate Strategy Game” – because there’s just so many avenues of approach to victory, and there’s so many things to consider during a game. If you’re a micro-managing monster (and really, there’s no better way to approach the game), then settle in – every turn is crucial, and as the game goes on, each turn gets longer and longer. It’s ridiculous.

Anyhoo, I’ve been playing lots of that recently. I devoted this past weekend to exclusively playing the game. I managed to get in 3 games over 3 days. (Started on Friday.) And I was playing on the “easy” difficulty, which generally implies that the games are short because the AI is so poor. 

So yeah, that’s one of the many reasons I’ve been slacking lately. But now, as I move into summer mode, I’m back on the trolley and prepared to ramble for 15 minutes every day about television, video games, cannabis and other nonsense.

Stay tuned!


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