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McDoonalls [sic] is so bad, but sooooo good. I broke down after the gym this morning and had 3 sausage & egg mcgriddles. Oh sweet dancing baby jesus, unbelievable. I had a nap afterwards. I would’ve had a longer nap, but there’s construction on some guy’s roof being done on the street, so it’s loud as hell out there.

Anyhoo… Christ, that construction is annoying. Yelling and buzzing machines roaring at 80 decibels. I’m trying to blast some music in my headphones to drown it out. But even the bone crushingly heavy stylings of Sleep can’t shut them up. 

It’s tough to write this way. With very loud noises coming at me. Makes it tough to think. Also there’s the little matter of I’m stoned, so I’m drifting off too, thinking about stuff.

Mostly about my class. I had my first class last night. It went well, although I was a little nervous. But that will disappear by tomorrow I imagine. Couple hotties in my class, but no one has such a transcendent rack as that chick from last year.

Yyyyeah, what else? Hockey playoffs continue unabated. Montreal is up 2-1 in their series. Even though the Habs are in my division (Sens fan), I’m still rooting for them in the playoffs. Why?

Well, they *are* a Canadian team. I am bound by patriotic duty to root for any Canadian club in the playoffs. (I don’t know if I’d ever root for The Leafs though. Luckily I’ve never had to make that decision.) Also I do like some of their players: PK Subban, Carey Price (won us a gold at the Olympics this year), Gionta, Eller and Emelin. PK especially. Could you imagine him and Karlsson on the same d-pairing? (The one drawback there is that they’re both right-handed shooters.)

Complete non sequitar – I’m almost done the book “I, Claudius.” It’s an historical fiction book about the rulers of Rome who succeeded Julius Caesar. Though, the book’s cover blurb implies that Claudius, the narrator, will eventually become emperor of Rome, despite himself. But with about 50 pages to go, I don’t see how that could happen. This means either the book will become awesome, as it stretches out to the very last page just how Claudius becomes emperor, or Claudius won’t become emperor at all, and I’ll be left wondering what the hell that blurb was all about.

Oh well, I’m totally digging the story so far. The mystery and intrigue inherent in any Roman drama generally always makes them worth reading. I think that’s why all those shows did so well: Rome, Spartacus and the other Spartacus. Everyone loves mystery and intrigue, then throw some togas and columns on top of that, and you got yerself a hit, budd-ay!


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