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Hello there gentle reader! Why so gentle…

Anyhoo, it’s a balmy 18 degrees Celcius out there today. Summer is coming and you know what that means – sun dresses and tube tops. Yeah baby! It’s fun working on a University campus, where I get older, and all the girls are 20. Yes they do.

It’s a school day today for me – which is a bummer, because otherwise I’d be getting high right now and doing some math. Let me tell ya, if I had my way, here’s how my day would go (approximately)

6:00 – Get up nice and early! Drink coffee for an hour and stare at the wall.

7:00 – Work on my goals, do a bit of reading, poop.

8:00 – Go to the gym for a couple hours

10:00 – Shower, eat breakfast

11:00 – E-mails, writing, piano

12:00 – Afternoon coffee time. Get high and do math for 6 hours

6:00 – Dinner, video games, off.

Man – that’s a glorious day. The key, for me, is to get all my “outdoor” chores done by noon, so I can spend the rest of the afternoon high and doing math. Then finish off with some video games. You betcha.

But that’s not what’s happening today. No, I’ve got a class to teach tonight, so I have to stay sober. Unfun. Oh well, I’ll roll a joint and smoke it on the way home.

Man – tomorrow’s Friday already. Luckily I’ve got a 4 day weekend – and a 2-day workweek, with a day off in the middle. Glorious. Ain’t nothing like an academic schedule. So many naps.

What else?

Watched the first episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” It was pretty good. I like it because it’s a satirical look at the news, while excoriating the lack of serious journalistic integrity at the same time. Well, maybe not “journalistic integrity” – that might not be the right words, but definitely making fun of the fact that the American mainstream news services are an absolute fucking joke. (Also, it’s an HBO show, so there’s swearing. Which I fucking approve of.)

There are some other shows I’m waiting to watch; Fargo, most noticeably. It starts Martin Freeman (who is well know as John Watson on BBC’s Sherlock, or Bilbo from The Hobbit, or Arthur Dent from Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or any number of friggin things, ’cause Martin Freeman is in everything!) I also downloaded a bunch of James Clavell miniseries: ShoGun, Tai-Pan, King Rat and Noble House.

I’ve heard of the ShoGun miniseries – it was made in 1980, and I think stars Richard Chamberlain as “Anjin-san.” But I’ve never heard of any of the other miniseries. I have indeed read all of the Clavell novels – ShoGun is probably still my favorite, though Noble House is really good too. So is Tai-Pan – hell, they’re all pretty friggin awesome. 

Each of the Asian Saga novels (with the exception of the WWII POW tale King Rat) is about a British family company run by the Struan’s, and how they can manipulate the Asian markets to stay on top. That one blurb sentence makes it sound pretty boring, but it’s anything but. In fact, I’d be willing to say that if they re-made any of the Asian saga novels into an HBO-style miniseries, they would be wildly successful. Each novel is jam packed with intrigue, politicking and a host of colorful characters. Throw in some sex and a bit of violence and you’ve got the next “House of Cards” on your hands.

There you have it, Hollywood. Your next sure-fire runaway smash hit. I’ll take 5 pts on the back end.




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