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Fun Friday – a 15 minute ramble

Well folks and falkers [sic], it’s Friday. So you know what the means!? I’m phonin’ ‘er in.

Man, am I ever sleepy. I consistently underestimate how important it is to get a good sleep. I stayed up late last night playing Civilization 5 (aside: wow, what a game!) and now I’m tired this morning. I would’ve gone to bed on time, but my trainer cancelled my gym appointment this morning, so I stayed up late. Consequently, no gym.

Ugh, I haven’t even had a shower today. I’ve been somewhat lazy – well, it feels that way, but I’ve done all my goals for the day. (Except shower and brush my teeth.) But I’ll do that whenevs. Nice lazy Friday.

What else? Taught my class again last night. Man, it’s like they don’t have a healthy obsession with theoretical mathematics. Stone silence throughout the class. Whatevs, I get paid either way. I’m not complaining for a 3 hour week.

But meanwhile, on my math paper I’m working on, I get down to my final answer, and it’s not at all what it’s supposed to be. Which means I made one or two tiny errors in my pages and pages of calculations. Which in turn means I need to do aaaaallll those calculations over again to figure out where I made my mistake. Not fun. 

Welp, I guess I’ll save that for the weekend. 

Crap – I also have a conference coming up which I’ll be talking at. I should probably start thinking about whipping together my 15 minute talk. Luckily, I always give fabulous talks, so I’m not worried at all.

NHL Playoffs continue. Boston tied up the series last night in overtime. The game had a final score of 1-0, so needless to say, the 3rd period was pretty hectic. Too bad, I was rooting for Montreal. I think it’d be neat to have a Canadian team win again.

What I can’t fathom is how come Eugene Melynk continues to cheap out on the Ottawa roster. If he could fork over the dough, we could have two first lines of: MacArthur – Turris – Ryan and Michalek – Spezza – Hemsky. With a healthy Ryan and Spezza, those two lines could friggin’ dominate. Throw in a hustle line of Greening – Smith – Neil/Condra and a rookie line of Hoffman/Pageau – Zibanejad – Stone and we’d have a monstrous forward group. 

Of course, the Sens have Karlsson on defense, so any one paired with him is gonna look awesome. I’d look at something like Methot – Karlsson / Cowen – Wiercioch / Phillips – Gryba/Ceci. Or maybe alternate Gryba and Wiercioch, I ‘unno. Wiercioch didn’t get much playing time this year, but he did well with the limited ice time he was given. Method – Gryba was also a great shut down pair. I think, sadly, one of Gryba or Wiercioch is going to get traded. Wiercioch is an excellent offensive defenseman, and Gryba is an excellent, bruising, 3rd pairing guy. We might see Cowen – Gryba / Phillips-Ceci. Just because we’ve got enough offense with Karlsson and Ceci. 

Actually, Ceci isn’t proven – but management is so big on the kid, that he’s probably a lock to make the team coming out of training camp. But then again, they sent down Zibby over DaCosta and Pageau at the beginning of the year, so who knows what this crazy team is gonna do.

Anyhoo, it’s still a long way until September training camp. Man, I already can’t wait for Senators hockey next year (AKA: the fall.) 

But, my writing time is almost up – the fam is going out to some lame fundraising thing tonight, and I am not. I plan on smoking a bunch of weed, playing Civ 5 and going to bed early. Wooo, what a wild Friday night!


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