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Stinky ramble

Nothing pisses me off more than workmen in my house. Of course, I live with my parents, so it’s not really my house, but it still pisses me off nonetheless. For example, today when I got home from the gym, I found out that all the upstairs windows were being painted. Apparently, this means that the blinds to my bathroom need to be off all day – so I’m sitting here, 5 hours later, caked on sweat still clinging to my stinky form. But at least the windows are going to be a brand new colour. Oh wait, what’s that? The guy is painting them the exact same colour!? And the windows are less than a month old!? Phenomenal use of your money, mom.

Anyhoo, that’s been a big annoyance today. Mostly ’cause I had a tremendous workout, sweated a lot – really, sweated buckets during my workout – so I’m sitting here, dirty, stinky, and feeling gross. It’s not a great feeling. It’s like wearing wet socks, except the socks you put on to begin with weren’t clean – and the water you stepped in was muddy puddle water. And you have to wear those socks from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. Ugh. If I were a cartoon character, there would be many stink lines emanating from my cartoon form. (Either that, or it’d be like such a wave of stench, that it’s a blurred effect – like heat coming off hot asphalt in the desert.)

However, the good news is that I’ve been spending all day working on my goals. (Aside from the brief, stinky nap I took.) I’m doing my best to focus on getting all my goals completed before going on the internet to waste time. And so far, so good. Usually, with my morning coffee, I’ll surf the net and slowly wake up. But today, while I drank my coffee, I did math and my goals instead. I tell ya, it’s a great feeling putting a check next to something you gotta do at 6:30 in the morning. There’s something about being productive right off the bat that gets my motor going for the day. Follow that up with a trip to the gym, and we’re cooking, baby! (If only I could take a fucking shower!!)

Network TV shows are all entering their summer hiatuses right around this time. The last episode of American Dad aired last night – I’ll watch it after this. Sadly, AD is going to be moving from Fox to TBS. TBS is run by the megalomaniacal Ted Turner – so it could happen that Roger the alien accepts Christ into his life and the talking fish becomes a non-talking fish so as not to offend delicate, Christian sensibilities. I hope not. I’m hoping, basically, that the show will continue with no changes, and TBS will throw money at it because it’s a Seth MacFarlane show, and everyone loves Seth MacFarlane cartoons. (The Cleveland Show notwithstanding…)

There’s also a new episode of Game of Thrones to watch. Yeah, it looks like I’ve discontinued the Monday Morning Game of Thrones roundup. Mostly because it took about an hour to throw that nonsense together. I may re-introduce it somewhere down the line – possibly when I re-watch all the GoT episodes from start to finish, so I can get a better handle on who all these people are. Thoros of Mir? Is that a guy? Is that a guys name from GoT? It sounds like it could be, but it also sounds like it could be a medieval wasting disease.

“Oh, you’ve got the black plague? That’s nothing, I’ve got Thoros of Mir.”

Sounds feasible.

There’s another new show that I’ve been watching that’s pretty good called, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” I may have briefly mentioned it in another ramble. John Oliver is probably most recognizable as a reporter from the Daily Show. But I remember him most as a Season 1 guest on Mock The Week. He was pretty brilliant during those episodes, and his sarcastic mannerisms and British pomp carry over well into the “Mock News” type programme he’s now hosting.

His show is an HBO show – so it’s a lot like the Daily Show, in that it takes the piss out of news media and broadcasters. But it’s a lot different – for example, it’s only once a week – and best of all, there’s no commercials.

I guess with all these shows going on hiatus for the summer, HBO and Showtime (and to a lesser extent, FX) will have to be my resources for new shows. It’s either that, or rewatching a classic show which I haven’t seen in awhile. Modern Family is still going, right? Maybe it’s time I binge-watched that whole thing again. One thing is certain, when it’s this hot out, one needs a GODDAMN SHOWER!!! 


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