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Game of Thrones pictureless and not so indepth roundup!

Oh man. I watched the most recent episode of Game of Thrones last night. And although I’m not going to do a full-fledged roundup, I’ll give a brief recap about the parts I remember. (No pics, unfortunately… Well, maybe one. We’ll see.)

So who did we see in the most recent episode?

Stannis and the Onion Knight sail into Braavos to meet with the Iron Bank. The Onion Knight makes an impassioned plea to Mycroft Holmes and gets some money. Then he goes and visits his pirate buddies and recruits them to Stannis’ side.

Danerys is in Mereen and her dragons are running wild. She’s trying to rule like a Queen, but we quickly see how tedious this is for her and how she’d rather be freeing slaves and kicking ass. Begrudgingly, she listens to the pleas of the people of Mereen. Excitement she wrote!

The big part of the episode is devoted to Tyrion’s trial. I don’t really remember this part from the book, even though I read book 3 and the trial totally happened in Book 3. But whatevs. A bunch of people testify against Tyrion – Cersei, of course; one of the asshole guards that Tywin appointed (name might be the Red Viper? dunno), and Varys – although there was a brief exchange at the end of Varys’ testimony between him and Tyrion which sort of hinted that Varys didn’t really want to testify but had no choice.

The big shocker came when Shae (AKA: The whore that Tyrion loves) walked into the court to make up faulty testimony against Tyrion. Naturally, this pisses off Tyrion, who gives a brief but brilliant speech about how everyone is an asshole but him and then demands trial by combat. 

Here, check it out: The guy that uploaded it has disabled embedding for some stupid reason, so follow the link. Seriously, it’s a pretty awesome speech.

So that’s what’s new in Game of Thrones news. Anything I missed? Oh – just before Tyrion’s big speech, Jaimie bargains for his life with Tywin, by promising to relinquish his position in the King’s Guard (something he’s loathe to do) and officially become the heir of Tywin Lannister. Jaimie tells this to Tyrion, but Shae lying is more than he can bear. 

This is why you don’t fall in love with whores, people. Why? Because they’re whores.

Anyhoo – it’s Tuesday today, which means I teach my class. I tell ya, the great culling has begun. It didn’t even take until the 1st test this time. Last year, when I taught the same class, I started with about 18 people, then after the 1st test that dropped down to about 12. However, this year, I started with about 21 students, and now after only 2 lectures, enrollment has dropped down to about 12 again. I wonder, am I a bad teacher? No, no, it’s the children who are wrong.


So that’s what I think about that. Hey, math isn’t for everyone, I get it. But jeez, at least wait until you totally shank that 1st test before dropping the class.

Regardless, I still get paid whether 1 kid shows up or 100. It makes no difference to me either way. However, I notice that the two hotties I had in my class dropped it. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so open and leering when I said I’d exchange grades for sex. Ah well, the last remaining girl (who is about a 6) has gained 2 points due to scarcity. Good for her.

Today we’re going to be going over the laws of exponents. That’ll take about two classes, and then the foundation will have been laid for a complete mathematical education. But judging from the bored faces staring back at me, I’m the only one that cares about such thing.

Oh well, payday is tomorrow.



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