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A ramble: starts out hot, ends up smoking.

Hole. Lee. Carp. 

It is friggin hot out today. The weather network tells me it’s 28 degrees Celcius out there, but with the humidex, it feels like 34. Crap that’s hot. (Wow. Starting a blog post with an update about the weather! That’s sure to give this blog a timeless quality.) I have class tonight, and my class is in the basement of some building, with all the furnace equipment. It’ll be like teaching in a sauna. 

Anyhoo, moving on. Welp, the Montreal Canadiens have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Congrats to them. I’m sorta torn – I’m happy that a Canadian team is in the finals, but they’re rivals of the Ottawa Senators. Since the Sens are outta the playoffs, I don’t think it’s that terrible to be rooting for them. But I’m still rooting for them in secret.

What else? I finished reading, “I, Claudius” the other day. Man that was a good book. It’s fun reading about Roman times and all the politicking that went on back then. I think I had a previous blog post about how there’s no WAY Claudius is gonna become emperor – as there were 50 pages to go, and Caligula was still holding onto power. Then, within the last two pages of the book, an unruly mob assassinated Caligula, and in the ensuing chaos, Claudius was immediately elected emperor. 

The way the book ended made me sorta mad at whoever wrote the blurb on the cover. If I had found out at the last possible moment that Claudius became emperor, I would’ve been overjoyed. Especially with all the subtle foreshadowing in a couple places in the book. But since I knew he would become emperor, the ending lost some of it’s panache. (Although, since it’s a book based on historical events, one could argue that Claudius becoming emperor was common knowledge.) There’s a sequel to the book called, “Claudius the God” which I will definitely add to my Chapter wishlist. Damn what an awesome book.

Now, I’m reading, “The Outsider” by Albert Camus. Google tells me that Camus was a Nobel prize winning author, but my only reference to him is from the Simpsons, when Jay Sherman says, “Well, Camus can do, but Satre was smartre [sic].” (Homer, in his infinite wisdom replies, “Well Scooby Doo can doo doo, but Jimmy Carter was smarter.” And the rest of the family looks on, nonplussed.) 

Anyhoo, the back of the book blurb tells me that, “The Outsider” is all about how the narrator lacks any sort of emotion, and narrates all that goes on around him with cool, clinical detachment. The blurb continues on about how “The Outsider” is one of the most important modern French novels. However, since it was written in about 1950 or so, today the blurb might be about how the narrator has Aspergers. 

I ‘unno, maybe I’m reading too much into the blurb and I should just discover what the novel is about so far. I’ll tell you this, though – if you ever hear comics make jokes about how the French love their wine and cigarettes, man, they are not exagerrating. In the book, the narrator spends an entire Sunday smoking cigarettes and sipping wine. During a workday, he has a nap after lunch because he had too much wine, and the first thing he does upon awakening is to have a smoke. The only thing missing from this stereotype was the baguette and beret.


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