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Friday, biatches!

I got an impressive amount of likes for yesterday’s post (at least 3), which almost rivals the famous milk sucking story post and the I hate Stana Katic post. I didn’t know so many people liked rambles about books. But I guess they do.

Welp, I suppose I could reveal the shocking fact that I’m a bibliophile. No, that’s not a sexual thing. It just means I really, really love books. And that’s true – it’s not a question of reading, although I definitely love reading, but I just love books by themselves. I love walking into a bookstore and just being surrounded by books. I’m always hesitant to throw out or give away a book, simply because I’d prefer to have any book than not have it. Right now, I’ve got my books sorted into “Shelf-worthy” or “storage”. The books I really, really like I’ve got upstairs on my shelf – and the books I like, but which aren’t my favorite, are downstairs either in boxes or in a big bookshelf in the guest room. 

I’ve also got a Kindle, which I both love and hate at the same time. I love it, because it’s a computer designed exclusively for books – it can hold, like, 50 books at a time, and it’s connected by the internet to the magical book cloud, which has access to pretty much every book ever written. Better still, if I manage to download a book (in whatever format), I can do some voyving [sic] and transfer that onto the kindle. Bazinga!

However, the one drawback of the Kindle is that it’s not the same as reading a physical book. A kindle is cold and austere – it doesn’t possess the warmth of pages, or the interaction of turning the page, or the sense of accomplishment/progress one gets after reading halfway through a tome and seeing the visual representation of that by putting the book down pages first.


This is what I mean by “pages down.”

I’m a voracious reader – and I used to be in the habit of reading 3 or more books at the same time. However, this lead to many, many unfinished books, and plenty of confusion when dealing with two fiction books in the same genre. The way I organize my reading now is as follows: I have two books on the go at all times, one fiction and one non-fiction. Then, I make it one of my daily goals to do at least 15 minutes of reading of each of the books. Often though, I’ll end up reading more than that – but sometimes I’m too restless to read, so setting a daily 15-minute goal is a great way to ensure I’ll get through whatever book I’ve started.

So far this year, I’ve read the following books: The Hobbit by Tolkien; I, Claudius by Robert Graves, Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, Skunk Works by Ben Rich and Ratline by Peter Levenda. 5 months, 5 books. Not too shabby. 



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