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In search of quiet: a ramble

Welp, this may be another interrupted ramble today – as there’s a bunch of workers who are infesting my house today. There’s the painter (the one that likes to watch me take a shit), who’s using “Never Dry” paint, apparently, ’cause he’s still here, painting the same fucking window. Then there’s a carpet guy coming to put in carpet. I’m told it will only take a couple hours – so naturally, I expect it to either take the rest of today, or all of today and tomorrow.

The thing about me is, I don’t like noise. I like waking up in the peace of the morning, and then gradually get accustomed to the day. In the morning, when it’s quietest, is when I like to do my math. It’s very relaxing and stimulating to drink a fresh cup of coffee and do a bit of math. Then I’ll have a protein shake and go to the gym.

But when there’s workers around, I’m on “supervise” patrol. Which means that I have to laze around here all day in case the workers need anything. (What they could need, I’m sure they could get it themselves.) It’s an infuriating way to start the day – since I don’t get any warning, and I’m told basically to cancel whatever plans I had so I can be here for the workers. Now I’m sitting here, urgently wanting to shower, but I can’t, until the carpet guy shows up, does his thing and leaves.

Back when I lived in my own apartment, it was *the law* that the landlord had to give me 24 hours notice before he invaded my space. Living with your family, there’s no such law. Here, it’s a fucking free for all – it’s like I’m a heroin junkie, always chasing the next high. But instead of a high, all I’m seeking is a morning where people aren’t banging tools against the house. I’m chasing quiet, but quiet is fast and loud is slow.

Oh well – soon I will be emperor of Earth (stay tuned!) and then I’ll find peace and quiet. Namely, by executing everyone who dares disturb the cruel and malevolent ruler of Earth. My reign will be glorious, long-lasting, and bloody. Future historians will refer to this period as “The Time of Nightmares.” It’s going to be great!

Anyhoo – Tuesday is upon us again, so that means I’ve got a class to teach tonight. What this really means, is that I can’t get high during the day and do a bunch of math. Nope. I’ve got to stay sober and focused so I can teach my kids about polynomials.

Oh, what’s more – is that my brother and his girlfriend are moving back in this weekend. While this will undoubtedly result in much, much more noise. It does mean that I’ve got my favorite sidekick honey bunches back. What’s that? Gratuitous pictures of Mr. Honey Bunches? You got it!

Honey Bunches 007 Honey Bunches 006 Honey Bunches 005 Honey Bunches 004 Honey Bunches 003 Honey Bunches 002 Honey Bunches 001



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