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Kitty News

I helped my brother move on the weekend. Lemme tell ya, nothing sucks worse than moving. A full day of carrying heavy and awkwardly shaped stuff from one place to another. It aggravated my rotator cuff injury as well as my bum knees.

But on the other hand, now I live with a kitty!

I was going to write about Mrs. Kitty and in order to do so, I thought I’d take some pictures of her. But as it happens, cats can be difficult to find when they don’t want to be found. After searching high and low, I finally find Mrs. Kitty.


Mrs. Kitty, hide and seek champion.

Of course, her name isn’t Mrs. Kitty, it’s Lily. But I think that’s not an appropriate name for a cat. Something like, “Boots”, “Mittens”, “Lil’ Shoes” – basically any piece of clothing would work. But Lily? Puh-lease, that’s a ridiculous name. Thus, until I figure out something better, her name is Mrs. Kitty.

Ms. Kitty 002

Sigh… what is it, peon?

Mrs. Kitty is pretty lazy, from what I can tell. She mostly roams around the halls, looking for people to scritch her behind the ears and maybe give her a belly rub.

Here’s a shot of Mrs. Kitty in action!

Ms. Kitty 003

Kitty sit-up!

I think the word action may be hyperbole, in this case.

Anyhoo, there’s a kitty in my house now. So far, this kitty just seems lazy and not the kind of asshole cat that will knock stuff off of high perches just because they can. Those cats can go lick themselves in dirty places.

Ms. Kitty 004

Go get me some cream.

I’m hoping that Mrs. Kitty and Mr. Honey Bunches start pallin’ around together – getting into mischief and going on adventures. Mrs. Kitty could be voiced by Kristen Schaal, and Mr. Honey Bunches by John Dimaggio. I would watch the hell outta that!

Anyhoo – not much else going on besides Kitty news. There was no episode of Game of Thrones last night. All the shows are about to go on summer hiatus and I’m desperately searching for a new series to dig my teeth into over the summer.

I downloaded a British series called, “Utopia”, which is supposed to be amazing – well, amazing according to nerds on the internet, and these are the same people that watched 8 different versions of Star Trek. The good thing is that I’m going into the show cold, which means I have no idea what the show is about. That’s a great way to be introduced to a show, as I’m not going to be prejudiced by expectation. Then again, I might turn it off after 5 minutes. We’ll see!

I’ve also taken to watching the first season of King of the Hill. I was never really into it when it was on, but I keep seeing reference to it within discussions about cartoons, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m guessing the show really finds its legs during the 2nd or 3rd season, like most other shows. Right now, the characters seem quirky rather than fleshed out. It’s a very dry show, rather than in-your-face humour, and I don’t know if that’s exactly my style. But it did run for, like, 12 seasons – and Mike Judge (Office Space, Idiocracy) is the man behind it. I’ll give it a couple more seasons before I make my final decision.

And that’s the end of that ramble!


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