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Game of Thrones Season Finale Predictions – Nothing but Spoilers!

Another writer’s block Wednesday!

Let’s stick with Game of Thrones then. I’m reading book 4 at the moment – and as I read more and more, I realize that I’ve already read it. But since I’ve forgotten basically everything that happens, it does me no harm to read it again.

The problem with book 4 is that it only focuses on a few characters, and most of them I’m uninterested in: Cersei, Brienne, for example. However, the books do talk about the men of the Night’s Watch and Arya. But Arya has now crossed the narrow sea in book 4 – so just re-reading the start makes me realize that I don’t really recall what happened in Book 3 either. I think this is because 

  1. There’s too many damn characters, all with names that sound frightfully similar
  2. I used to do most of my reading before bed.

Reading before bed was how I used to like to fall asleep. But then I realized that when I started reading the next day, I only had a very tenuous grasp on just what the hell was happening. When it comes to cheesy pulp action novels – like Jack Reacher – no problemo, I can generally pick up on who’s who and what’s happening. But for a monstrous epic like GoT, it’s problematic.

Anyhoo, with the penultimate episode of GoT done, there’s only the season finale to go. It seems likely that a crapload of stuff is gonna happen this episode. Well, it’s either a crapload of stuff, or the whole episode takes place in King’s landing.

Here’s my predictions as to what happens in the season finale (with some knowledge as to what happens in the books.)


  • The Hound dies. I don’t see any way around this. Despite the fact that the show and the book have diverged on a number of different key issues, I still think it’s in Arya’s future to end up across the narrow sea. In the books, (IIRC), Arya doesn’t kill The Hound, but just watches him die. I think the show might have her kill the Hound. In any case, almost certainly she’ll use her Valar Morghulis coin to cross the sea. Also, since the writer’s love toying with our emotions so much, I think Arya and Sansa will just barely miss meeting each other, similar to how Bran and Jon Snow almost met.
  • Sansa gains the upper hand on Petyr Baelish. I think Sansa hasn’t been given enough credit for how well she’s able to lie and manipulate those around her. She was able to manipulate Joffrey somewhat, and especially a couple episode’s ago she manipulated the board of inquiry as to Lysa’s death. I sort of think we’ll see her grow to be more and more manipulative, since basically, ever since her father dies, she’s been in the company of people who are trying to manipulate her. Growing up in this environment, it follows that she’ll turn it around and start to be the one doing the manipulating. Although, going up against Littlefinger, that might be a tall task.
  • Ramsey Bolton dies. I don’t know why, but I just have a feeling that Reek wont be around for too much longer. 
  • The show’s final scene, I can almost guarantee, will be the killing of Tywin Lannister by Tyrion Lannister. It may happen that the whole episode takes place in King’s Landing, and we learn just how Tyrion escapes from his impending execution, and how he kills his father. I’m almost 99% certain the show will fade to black on a long, trailing shot of blood oozing out of Tywin’s stomach, where the arrow has pierced him. I also think it’s Varys who helps Tyrion escape, and then Varys takes off from King’s Landing as well.
  • Stannis rides to the wall and kicks the shit out of the wildlings and Mance Rayder. Well, we’ll see about that one – I don’t remember Jon going to talk to Mance in the books. In the books, from what I can piece together, Stannis shows up to save the day, and takes Mance Rayder’s daughter (or wife or gf or something) hostage. It may happen that Jon Snow takes her hostage instead, or that Stannis doesn’t even show up at all! It’s going to be a hell of a finale, that I know for shizzle.

I tell ya, my lack of reading retention of book 3 is somewhat staggering. I think this can easily happen when you’re dealing with a 10,000+ page epic – involving non-stop backstabbing, and twists and turns, and characters who all sound alike. Wait? Aren’t they in Duskendale? No, they’re in Hollyhale. Is that Thoros of Mir? No, it’s Boros of Tyr. Nonsense.

Anyhoo, anyone else I’m missing in my season finale guesses? I think Brienne doesn’t show up until next season. Maybe the Tyrell’s manipulate Tommen a bit – they’re still heavily involved in the King’s Landing drama. I don’t know if we see Daenerys or not – I pray they don’t waste time on the eunuch love story. No one cares about Grey Worm – unless he’s doing cool Unsullied type maneuvers. 

Oooh – there actually could be a different cliffhanger than Tywin’s death. Remember the Red Wedding? (Of course you friggin do.) Well, in the books, at some point it’s hinted at that Catelyn has survived, and is something of a freaky zombie now, bent on revenge. It could be that the last shot of the season is a fade out on what appears to be a corpse, then the eyes open, and as the body stumbles forward, we realize it’s Catelyn, alive! That would be a hell of an ending too!

Suffice it to say, I’m super stoked for Sunday! 



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