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A ramble about burgers, math and video games

Oh man am I ever hungry. I decided earlier today that I was gonna get McDoonalls [sic] after work tonight. But since my diet calls for a 2000 calorie ceiling, and I plan on getting 4 mcdoubles, I will have to wait for another 6 hours to eat. This morning I had a 400 calorie protein shake, and that’ll be it until tonight. (Mcdoubles are 390 calories – so I’ll have a mouth-watering 1560 calories as an after school snack.)

Anyhoo, I had my protein shake over 3 hours ago, and so my hunger is starting to grow. I don’t mind being hungry, but I’m a little concerned that my stomach will be growling when I’m teaching my class. Oh well… man I can’t wait to eat those mcdoubles!


I order mine with no pickles, so they’re made fresh when I order them.

As far as the McDoonalls value menu goes, mcdoubles are the best deal. It’s $1.59 (or so) for a double-patty cheeseburger. Each patty is about 1/8th of a pound, so a mcdouble is very close to being a quarter pounder with cheese. Except at half the price! (Also, there’s a great new thing where you can get bacon on them, for like, 60 extra cents. If I wasn’t concerned about calories, I’d get 4 bacon mcdoubles.)

Anyhoo – that’s what’s preoccupying most of my brain at the moment.

The other big thing I’m thinking about is this math conference next week in which I’ll be giving a talk. I don’t mind talking in front of an audience, especially when I’m talking about math. Better still, my talk is the 1st day of the conference, so the pressure will be off after Monday night.

However, I’m still stressing about that, because no matter how prepared I am, I’ll still get a bit nervous before I give my talk. I plan on finishing the slides for my talk by tomorrow, then I can rehearse on Saturday & Sunday. On top of that, I also have to prepare a test for my class on Tuesday. So it’s going to be a busy weekend.

But then I’m on holidays! I don’t have class until the 3rd of July, so I’m gonna spend some sweet time off playing video games and smoking weed.

A great new video game I started playing recently is called Dishonored, and it’s awesome.

A brief synopsis of the game: you play a supernatural assassin called Corvo. Your employer has just been killed and you’ve been framed for her murder. Luckily, you escape just before you’re scheduled to be executed, and now you’re on the run. You hook up with a sympathetic band of miscreants, and it’s up to you to seek vengeance for your dead employer. (There’s also a B-story about a mysterious, supernatural man called, “The Outsdier”, who periodically appears to give you magic powers.)

This game is wicked awesome, mainly because of the myriad ways you have of playing the game. You can play the game stealthily, and try to complete all the missions without being seen. Or you can go full kill mode and be the baddest badass to ever badass, and murder anyone and everything that gets in your way. The story will also progress based on how you’re playing. If you’re a wicked badass, then the story will get progressively darker as the bodies pile up. But if you instead play stealthily and only killing a few people, then the story will be more optimistic.

I just finished the game last night, and already I’m looking to go back and do another playthrough. It’s an mission-based RPG. What I mean by that is, you can level up and gain new powers, like in an RPG, but there’s only a select number of missions to play. Of course, within each mission there’s collectibles and easter eggs and side quests and stuff. Not to mention there’s a bunch of DLC I can get too. Lemme tell ya, this game is friggin awesome.

More in video game news: E3 is currently going on. (E3 is a big video games expo where all the studios show off their latest and greatest games for the upcoming year.) There’s a bunch of cool games that have been presented, but most of these games are console specific. That is, these games are all presented to be released primarily for the Xbone or Ps4 (and in some cases whatever Nintendo thing is out there.) This doesn’t really matter to me, as I’m a member of the PC master race.

However, there is one console game I play religiously, namely, the EA NHL series. It’s a sports game, so it gets an annual release. But this year, EA is releasing NHL 15 for the next-gen consoles. What that means is that now the game looks fuckin’ super good. Check out the gameplay trailer.

It looks a lot like standard NHL 14 gameplay, but now the graphics are super spicy! Realistically though, this is a poor thing to focus on. Gameplay beats graphics everytime – NHL 15 could be done in Minecraft textures, but if the gameplay is better than last years, no one will notice. Conversely, if the game looks super awesome, but still features unnatural goalie movement and crazy puck bounces, it will be deemed a ‘shit game.’

Anyhoo, the other thing is that this year, NHL 15 will be released for the PC. So I think I will probably just get the PC version. I’ve already got an Xbox controller for my PC – and my PC specs are still way better than either the Xbone or the PS4. Thank heavens EA decided to make a PC release – that means I won’t have to buy a next-gen console in order to get this game. (In fact, that probably means I just wont buy a next-gen console.)

Really, the PC is the way to go if you’re a fan of gaming. Sure, it may cost a little more (or a lot more), but the graphics are better, there’s no console-specific nonsense, and you still have access to games released years ago. (Whatever console claims backward compatibility, I still doubt it.)

Of course, the problem with having a PC for gaming is that I never want to stop upgrading it. There will always be new PC parts and better graphics cards, etc… One thing the console can offer is a solid, 5-year investment. Still, I’ll stick with my Black Beauty, thankyouverymuch.


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