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Oh, right… the title.

Well, that was an invigorating week off.

I was at a math conference all last week. It was exhausting. Think of the hardest math class you’ve ever had, cross that with the craziest true fact you know, then times that by a million, and sit in a room for hours at a time paying rapt attention to what’s going on. See if you’re not visited by Mr. Sandman after 20 minutes.

Plus, it’s expected we socialize during the breaks of each talk. I’m pretty introverted, so social interaction is tiring for me. So I’m supposed to socialize after listening to this guy drone on about modular forms for 30 minutes. Guh. Exhausting.

Anyhoo, I’m back on the writing bandwagon and ready to ramble damble.

First things first. Game of Thrones. It’s over for a year. Last episode was epic. I’ll do a focused thing on that this week.

Actually, I will talk about GoT for a bit, because it’s my favorite non-animated show at the moment. The finale was awesome. A brief recap:

  • Jon Snow goes to talk to Mance Rayder, and just when things look their darkest, Stannis comes roaring in with his massive army. Sweet. Not to mention Stannis attacking Mance in a classic pincers movement.
  • We learn that the Mountain isn’t dead. He’s been very badly poisoned, and is definitely dying. But this weasel-y little maester comes in and starts doing some bloodletting. It’s implied he’s gonna turn the Mountain into some sort of non-stop killing zombie. Awesome. Got that to look forward to.
  • Then Cersei gets all up in Tywin’s face about not marrying Loras. But then she loses her cool and tells her father (not explicitly) that she and Jaimie have been “schtupping.” (Her exact words are something like, “All the rumours they say about us are true!”) Then she goes and makes out with Jaimie in a confusingly erotic scene.
  • Daenery’s dragons are out of control. (Well, just the big black one. Hey, racist!) They’re burning up people’s children now. So Dany has to lock up 2 out of her 3 dragons, the black one has flown off somewhere and is doing whatever it wants.
  • There’s also this sort of grey, political dribble about how some older free-men would rather be slaves again. I suppose this is to hammer home the point that ruling isn’t all black and white, and an iron fist and dragons don’t a ruler make.
  • Jon burns Ygritte. (I mean, there’s this whole big scene between Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane, where Tormund is like, “Did you love her?” All serious like, and blah blah blah… I get it, move on.)
  • In the best scene of the episode, Bran and his companions find the tree where the 3-eyed crow lives. But as they walk towards the tree, they get accosted by warrior skeletons! (Oh no! I hate when that happens!) Bran wargs into Hodor and starts taking out the trash – but meanwhile, Jojen is down and it looks like curtains for him. Suddenly, just as Hodor (controlled by Bran) is about to get overrun, big explosions come out of nowhere! And we see a shadowy figure by the godswood throwing bombs at the skeleton! (Cool!) But then this only buys our heroes a bit of time, so Jojen says farewell to his sister and dies, and Bran, Hodor and the sister meet up with this shadowy looking figure. They all walk into the tree, and Bran talks to an old man trapped in a bunch of branches about flying. (Seriously, go watch this episode – the whole thing is like an episode of The Prisoner in its wacked-out-ness, but it’s wicked awesome.)
  • Arya and the Hound run into Brienne and Pod. (That didn’t happen in the books.) But then things get misconstrued because Pod (who was in service with Tyrion) recognizes the Hound. Yadda yadda yadda, the Hound and Brienne fight. It’s a pretty brutal fight, with plenty of dirty hits and shots to the groin (of both fighters!) – but in the end, Brienne manages to throw the Hound off a ledge, and he gets crippled. Arya then stares him down as he dies – in a brilliant scene, showing how cold Arya is. Brienne loses Arya, and Arya gives her “Jaqar H’aqn” (sp?) coin and begins her voyage across the narrow sea to Braavos.
  • Finally, Tyrion is facing execution, but is rescued at the last moment by Jaimie. He tells Tyrion that Varys is waiting outside this door, and then rushes off. Tyrion, however, decides not to go see Varys just yet. He sneaks into his father’s room – only to find Shae there! (Burrrn! But again, she’s a whore, this is his own fault.) Tyrion kills Shae (in a rather accidental/heat of the moment fashion). Then grabs a crossbow off the wall and goes in search of Tywin. He finds Tywin in the privy (AKA: shithouse) and they have a brief chat. Naturally, Tyrion shoots his father with the crossbow (oddly, he only does it when Tywin refers to Shae as a “whore”. This sort of carrying the torch for someone who doesn’t love him is weird at this juncture, especially as he just murdered Shae.) Anyhoo, Tywin dies, Tyrion escapes and him and Varys set out for some unknown location.

WOWZERS! Wicked awesome episode! So much shit happened – and nothing felt rushed. (Except for the whole Jon Snow talks with Tormund. Yeesh.)

I’m currently reading book 4, so I’ve got some insight into how next season will play out. So far, not much has happened. George RR Martin writes each book from a POV perspective – and it changes every chapter. This book so far has chapters featuring Cersei, Jaimie, Brienne, Arya, Jon Snow and one of the Martells (Oberyn’s brother.) Some things are definitely going to change in Brienne’s story, and we’ll be introduced to the relatives and offspring of Oberyn. (Which I think, will be awesome – as the chapter about the Martells was all about how fierce and badass Oberyn’s daughters are.)

But best of all, Arya is going to join an assassin group, basically. And so she’ll turn into this super-badass lil’ assassin, which I think will be adorable and terrifying.

Cute pet pics!

Mrs. Kitty and Honey Bunches 001

Mrs. Kitty and Honey Bunches 004

Mrs. Kitty and Honey Bunches 006


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