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A ramble about video games and juuuust a bit of GoT

It’s a rainy Tuesday. One would expect the weather to be a bit colder, but it’s stupid humid and hot out. An unpleasant day. Added to the fact that I don’t know what I’m going to write about. Oh well, let’s just throw some words down and see what happens.

(How does a man with two broken arms push against a door?)

But first…

A related pic from yesterday that I couldn’t find a place for.



This is the smoldering look Cersei reserves for her brother. I’m grossed out and aroused.

This book 4 is going slowly. George R. R. Martin likes to harp on and on about stuff. For example, this previous chapter I just read was all about Sansa, and how she has to lie for Petyr to cover up for Lysa’s death. This scene was dealt with in the show in a rather straight forward manner – but the book has so much more nuance.

Not to mention political implications. Petyr signs over Lord of the Moon Doors to… some guy with a name I’ll have to look up. But Petyr’s politicking is infinitely more interesting than Sansa convincing herself that a lie told in kindness is ok. (Whatever gets you through the day, sweetling.)

Anyhoo – enough Game of Thrones for now. Actually, more on Game of Thrones…

I had a great deal of fun throwing up a snarky synopsis for a couple of the episodes earlier this season. I figure a fun and ambitious project would be to watch each and every episode of GoT again – but this time, doing a snarky synopsis for each episode. This will be a good way to reintroduce me to which characters are which – I’ve forgotten who most of these people are, aside from all the Stark kids and Lannister folk. There’s just too many names that sound the same.

So that’s my plan for GoT for the summer. I figure it will tide me over until the start of Season 5 – and it might just happen that little things in earlier episodes that I missed come up again in later episodes. That’ll be cool if that happens – similar to Arrested Development and all it’s self-referential meta-ness.

But GoT is over for the summer – and I really need a new series I can sink my teeth into. Utopia was good (really good, in fact) but Season 2 comes out god know’s when, and it’s a British show, so it’ll only be 5 episodes and a Christmas special. One thing about those Brits, they sure know how to make a good show for a short time.

What else is going on? Ooh – the Steam Summer Sale is going on as I type this. I picked up Skyrim for $5 the other day and thats it so far. I sort of feel silly buying Dishonored for $20 a month ago, when I could’ve had it for $5 today. Oh well, there’s always more money where that came from.

Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program. That game is awesome (when it’s not crashing.) If you haven’t played KSP – you should. Basically, you’re given a bunch of parts, and you have to put together a rocket and go into space. The game is still in early release – and has been for quite some time now – and will probably take another couple years before it’s in a stable condition.

This is frustrating – because the game keeps adding new and cool stuff. But this stuff they introduce causes new bugs – and currently I’m suffering from “Change of Scene” bug – which means I can only play about 1 mission before the game crashes. This is hugely frustrating – as I want to zip back and forth between scenes. (i.e., from the rocket launch to the space center, etc…)

One workaround is to set all the graphics settings to the lowest possible. This is an outrage! I own the mighty Black Beauty – an intel 4770k with 16gb of Ram and a 2GB graphics card – it will be a couple years before I’m forced to set the graphics on any game anything less than “ultra super premium.” Thus, I can play KSP – but it looks pretty terrible, and I don’t get cool graphics effects – like my capsule burning up on reentry, or various shadows and textures, etc…

Regardless, even with all the graphics set to “potato”, the game is still fun as hell. Currently, I’m trying to get a man onto the moon. (Or mun, as it’s known in the world of KSP.) This is harder than it looks! I’ve managed to send an unmanned lander onto my nearest moon – but it only juuuuust made it there, and has no fuel to get it back. I’ve got to come up with some wacky redesign so I can get my kerbal there and back safe and sound.

NB: KSP takes place on a planet called Kerbin, inhabited by kerbals. Little green men who love sitting in rockets and getting blown up.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in one of my many rambles, but I recently picked up an Xbox controller for the PC. Man does this make games fun to play! I started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum again. I had played it before – but the controls on the keyboard were too frustrating. But as soon as I moved to a handheld controller, the game became much more user friendly.

I have various games waiting in my Steam list which need to be played: Dark Souls, Arkham Asylum, Skyrim, Deus Ex: HR,  Tomb Raider, The Witcher, The Witcher 2, etc… I would very much like to play these in a “Let’s Play” format – that is, record myself playing the game with my commentary. I think it’s fun to discover a game for the first time – and I’d like all my Let’s Plays to reflect that.

This whole “Let’s Play” thing is just a hobby at the moment – but since I can post my creations on Youtube, there does exist the possibility of me making money of my videos. I don’t see myself making $4,000,000 a year like PewDiePie – but if I could pull in a couple hundred a month just by making video game LP’s, then I sure wouldn’t be averse to that.

The dream, of course, would be to find my voice as an LP’er – then subsequently find my audience and make a 6-figure living doing that. Ooooh man, I think that’d be pretty close to the dream. Get paid to play video games – I’m sure that was what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was about 11. Then I’d be closer to achieving my ultimate goal of being a crazy hermit that lives far away from everyone in the woods… but with a Gigabit internet connection.

Anyhoo… getting close to 30 minutes now. Dunno what else to write about? Hmm…

Well, I can write about goals, I ‘spose. I’m almost done all my goals for the day – only a Guacamelee LP to do after this. Then I’ll look towards upgrading my version of Windows to 64 bit – that’s supposed to be one of the fixes for KSP Scene Switch bug. Then what?

I’m currently working on understanding the prime gaps problem and prime k-tuples conjecture problem. This means I have to first learn about the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem, then use that to understand the GPY sieve. Lemme tell ya, if you think you’ve got a good handle on your sanity, then I’d like to introduce you to math: the craziest thing the world has ever seen.

Did you know there’s different kinds of infinity? Yeah – messed up.


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