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Return of the 15 minute rambles: today, nerdy stuff.

Well I’m back from slackation – gonna go back to writing for 15 minutes at a time, then doing another 15 minutes of GoT stuff behind the scenes. I ‘unno if 30 minutes is too ambitious, but I think just sticking to 15 minutes from now on is a good enough chunk.

Anyhoo, so what have I been doing on my slackation? The usual; smoking weed and doing math. Watching tv and playing video games. 

Speaking of TV – Utopia season 2 premieres tonight. I have an earlier post about how great Utopia was. I’m super-stoked for season 2 and a whole new series of mind-busting super-conspiracy fun!

I’ll try and describe the plot to the first season of Utopia as I remember it: The whole story was centered around this comic book called Utopia – it’s this underground novel, and there’s an online forum devoted to it, so 4 friends from the online forum decide to meet up at a pub, because one of the online guys has access to the pre-print of Utopia 2. But he gets killed because apparently, Utopia 2 contains a secret message about the secret nefarious plans of a shadowy organization bent on eliminating 90% of the world’s population. So our heroes manage to avoid being murdered by this shadowy organization, and they meet up with this broad from MI6 who looks to be friendly. 

Yeah – there’s no way I can do justice to the crazy plot of Utopia 1. I should really sit down and make some notes about it, because it’s balls-out madness, plot wise. I hope to eventually start doing snarky reviews on the regular, so hopefully Utopia will make it’s way into the rotation.

Anyhoo – enough tv, onto video games! The one game I use my console for will be released for Xbone & PS4 on September 9th. That game is, of course, NHL 15.

Sadly, I will have to buy either a PS4 or an Xbone in order to play NHL15. They will release NHL15 for the Xbox360, but due to its inferior machinery, it wont be able to take advantage of any of the new developments made to the NHL game – like all new 12-player collision engine!!! 

I play NHL15 almost every day, and usually multiple times a day. The modes I play are either Live the Life (Be-a-pro) when I’m by myself, or I’m playing against my brother Mr. Peteseys. It’s a running gag between Mr. Peteseys and I as to who won the most recent game of NHL 14. Luckily, since I’m the one with the game, I usually win.

In other video game news – humble bundle recently had a phenomenal sale, wherein for $20 I picked up: Bioshock Infinite, X-COM and a bunch of other games that are good too! But Bioshock Infinite (which has won many “game of the year” awards last year) and X-COM (a turn-based strategy game with squad dynamics) are unbelievable games – both of which are probably being sold around $40-50 each! This was a hell of a sale – and I’m currently playing the hell out of both games.

Bioshock Infinite is gorgeous – I’ve managed to figure out how to work ShadowPlay, so I’m recording this for a Let’s Play series in 1080p/60fps true hd. I’m pretty stoked about that – the game is beyond gorgeous, it’s amazing! It’s one of those games where you just want to laze around and stare at the scenery.

And that’s 15 minutes! See, that wasn’t so bad!


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