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A ramble: feelings follow actions; Utopia Season 2

Man it’s amazing how easy it is to forget how awesome working out is.

For example, today I was hemming and hawing before my workout – I didn’t really want to work out and I was giving myself a bunch of excuses as to why I didn’t need to. “I worked out yesterday! I’m sticking to my caloric ceiling! I’ll work out tomorrow!” – All the usual crap.

Regardless, I gritted my teeth and went downstairs to do my workout. Then, about 12 minutes into my treadmill I realized, “Wow! I feel great!” And even though I didn’t want to work out, as soon as I started working out, I didn’t mind it at all. (I did a 30 min treader and a barbell circuit.)

This sort of realization happens basically every time I go to work out – in fact, any time I go to do something I don’t really want to do but know I have to do anyway. And it all comes back to a saying I used to have, “Feelings follow your actions.” When it comes to goals, take action. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling shitty or ambivalent about what you have to do. If you just take that initial action to get started, your feelings will catch up with you, and ultimately you won’t mind doing what it is you need to do.

Well, not always. There is a limit to the human body, and at times you’ll feel exhausted, etc… But it’s always the mind that gives up before the body – and you can always do more than you think you can, even under trying conditions.

Anyhoo – enough about goals, let’s talk about the real exciting things that are going on, namely, the season premiere of Utopia!

The first episode of Season 2 premiered last night, and it was a doozy. It was a flashback to the 1970’s, when Carville (the scientist from the first season who actually wrote the graphic novel Utopia) first met up with Milner to develop Janus. Over the course of the episode, we’re told the story of Philip Carville – a brilliant scientist who is seething with cynicism about the state of the world. He just happens to run into Milner (played by the foxy Rose Leslie, grrrrrrowl!) who’s sympathetic to his views – particularly about world depopulation. They agree to work together –  and Carville starts working towards creating Janus.

However, his family life is falling apart (namely ’cause Carville is a bit of a nutso.) Carville has a son with his foreign bride named Piedre – but Piedre seems damaged, and he hardly reacts to stimuli at all. Later, we learn that Carville has been testing chemicals on Piedre, and has turned him into something of a monster.

Additionally, Carville has a daughter named Jessica – but his foreign bride dies in childbirth. This is right around the time Carville starts going crazy.

Milner and her associates start putting the screws to Carville in order to get Janus. The way they wield the story is pretty neat – intertwining real life assassinations with the flashback story.

Eventually, before Carville is severely tortured to give up Janus – he’s busted out by Kristos, and he, Carville and Jessica manage to escape. Sadly, as they’re escaping, Carville spies Piedre walking after them – but to no avail, as he’s abandoned to Milner.

That’s right about where the episode ended last night – oh right, except I should mention that Carville is in an institution, and he’s drawing Utopia.

I’m stoked, because as part of the Season 2 fanfare, Channel 4 is airing another episode of Utopia again tonight! It’s episode 2, Season 2 – the very next day!! Wowzers!!

Anyhoo, that’s what I’ll be doing tonight – after I’m done teaching my class. (Man, it’s like these arts students have no interest in theoretical mathematics whatsoever!)



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