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Today’s Ramble: Cheney is a scumfuck, Utopia is awesome!

I was at the gym this morning, blasting “Dopesmoker” by Sleep to drown out the awful, awful music they play at the gym. On one of the tv’s, I happened to spy the banner headline, “Cheney Blames Obama for Iraq.”

Really? REALLY!? Cheney – the asshole who orchestrated 9/11, committed war crimes, falsified intelligence that led the US into Iraq in the first place (also he shot a guy in the face) is trying to tell me that Iraq is Obama’s fault?!

What a chickenhawk, lying, evil piece of shit. The Bush administration squandered the Clinton surplus, led the US into two unwinnable wars, bankrupted the economy, committed torture in direct violation of the Geneva conventions. I mean, the list goes on and on. America (and by proxy, the West) is on the fast track to being the next dead empire. I mean, sure, Obama is just another scumbag politician, but to blame him for Iraq? That takes some serious cohones Cheney.

You know what else takes serious cohones? Leaving the continental United States and risking arrest for war crimes. Enjoy your 48 states of freedom, asshole.

Anyhoo – moving on. The 2nd episode of season 2 of Utopia aired last night. And it was pretty awesome. (Not as awesome as the first episode, I would argue.) We get to catch up with the gang from the first season to see what they’re up to:

  • Jessica Hyde is being held captive in some secret government prison somewhere, overseen by Milner. We learn she’s been severely tortured, in order for Milner to learn exactly what changes were made to Janus. (Something Carville kept muttering before Kristos busted him out.)
  • Ian and Grant are living together, unhappily. Grant is stuck at home because everyone he knows thinks he’s dead – Ian is stuck at work, unable to cope with the boring reality after having such a great adventure.
  • Michael (the politician) has been appointed CEO of Corvadt. It turns out that Corvadt went bankrupt, but they’re the sole manufacturers of the Russian Flu Vaccine (AKA: the Janus transmission vehicle), so the government bailed them out, and now owns Corvadt.
  • Becky is on the run with Donaldson (the creepy scientist), who ropes her into one more job in exchange for a year of Thoraxin (the medicine that keeps the Deals syndrome at bay.)
  • Piedre/RB is a blue-collar stiff, living with a girl and her daughter. He’s subsequently visited by Lee (the guy Wilson Wilson shot in the bunker in the very first episode) and tempted to come back to work for Milner.
  • Wilson Wilson works for Milner now. We didn’t see much of him as he adjusts to his new role.

Anyhoo, after some twists and turns, Ian, Grant and Becky all end up together, but are on the run from Milner (what else is new.) They’re joined by Piedre, Donaldson, and this new mysterious old guy, who appears to be some sort of genius, but doesn’t speak English. Jessica is still trapped in the government prison, but she managed to gain the upper hand over her torturer, and that scene was still going on at the end of the show.

Man, it Utopia ever a great show! I don’t think I’ve ever said this about any show or movie before, but the cinematography is amazing! And atmospheric, whew – the show’s background music is always dissonant strings or high-pitched squeals, which keep you on edge throughout the episode. Plus, the whole story is about this crazy-big global conspiracy to sterilize 90% of the world’s population. How could you not love a show like that?

Unfortunately, because it’s a British show, there’s only going to be 6 episodes a season. That means only a month left of new Utopia Season 2. Enjoy it while you can!


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