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A ramble about the Sens and this lost season

Guh. The Sens lost again last night. 6-3 to the Dallas Stars. AKA: Spezza’s revenge. Now we’re 12 points back and reeeeallly unlikely to make the playoffs. If I’m the coach, I’m sitting all my veterans and getting the young guys some time. They can learn the system and develop their game and prepare for next year.

Thing is, the team isn’t all that bad – just young. Which means they’re prone to making many mistakes, and often enough, those mistakes end up in the back of the net. Since Cameron took over, the team has been playing a lot better. But it’s still a mediocre team.

Zibanejad is only 21, and hasn’t really developed into a #1 center that can compete with, say, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Anze Kopitar (which we could’ve had, except we took Brian Lee! D’oh!), etc… Kyle Turris has been playing the #1 role, but he’s a bit small, and I think would slot better in the #2 center spot. The #3 center spot I would give to David Legwand – but he’s been a healthy scratch by the coach for the past 2 games, and getting a lot of hate on Twitter. (I ‘unno why – maybe he’s too slow now to keep up with the faster pace, tough to say.) Then the #4 spot can be battled out amongst Zack Smith, Curtis Lazar and JG Pageau.

I unno – I’m just spitballing. I’m a fan of the team, not any sort of hockey wizard – so who the heck knows? The coach is gonna do what he does, and no matter what I do, I’ll never have an effect on the lines.

Anyhoo, Sens play tomorrow at 3:00pm against the lowly Coyotes. Hopefully we win that one and go on a miraculous streak – but I don’t see the streak happening. I sure see the win happening – as the Sens are basically a .500 team, and the ‘win one, lose one’ pattern has been evident for some time now. Bleah. Hockey is much more fun when the team you’re following is winning and looks like they’ll make the playoffs.

In other news… well, what other news is there? I managed to reschedule that date to Saturday. So that’s cool.

Other than that… Nothin’ new but my goals. Working daily on all my stuff… Non-stop work until about 6:00 in the evening, when I get to relax for a couple hours before going to bed. But tonight is Friday, so I get to stay up late! Wahoo!

After being on Tinder for a bit, I’d say my main goal is to lose weight so I can match up with better looking girls. I follow a bunch of motivational people on Instagram, so whenever I don’t feel like doing a workout, I’ll go on Instagram, see all the hotness, and that’ll motivate me to get to work. In fact, I’m 3 minutes away from going to do today’s workout!

In an ideal world, I’d get up at 5:00, do my goals, workout at 6:00, then work from about 8:00 – 12:00 or so on my math, then play some piano, write, read, do some let’s plays and then relax for the rest of the day. Right now, I live with people, so grunting and banging metal around at 6:00AM is not in the cards. Oh well, life moves forwards. One day I’ll live in my awesome dream house with built in gym with sound system playing non-stop “Dopesmoker” by Sleep. But until then, I’ll wait until the afternoon.

Anyhoo, this has been Funday Friday! Another ramble about me and my stuff. (Hey, this is my blog, after all…) See y’all on Monday! Hopefully I’ll have watched Gotham by then!


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The Velikovsky Tango: A Ramble

Oh man, snowing again. That means I’ll have to shovel later. Blurgh.

I’ve done exercise 6 days in a row and I’m feeling pretty stiff. I walked home today from school – it’s about 5km, took me about an hour – but it was nice and freezing cold, just how I like it. But I ‘unno about going out to do more, man what a hassle.

The two classes I’m TA’ing for have had their first tests. Now I’ve got to mark all of them. Blurgh.

My head is in the clouds today – I’ve pissed away 7 minutes thinking about what I’m going to do later, rather than slam my keys against my mechanical keyboard, machine gun style, and concoct another brew of wordy deliciousness.

Umma wumma mup fup! Ogg jobb fizz!

(I ripped the above off a Get Fuzzy cartoon, wherein Bucky the Kitty goes for his nightly midnight freakout.)

Oh man, really comin’ down now.

Anyhoo – I was just listening to a conspiracy youtube dealie about a scientist called Velikovsky. He was an astronomer that had some pretty far-out ideas of planet formation. His main thesis, is that Venus is a captured comet, and the path of Venus before it settled into orbit agrees historically with ancient legends of cataclysms, including the 10 plagues of Egypt from the bible.

Velikovsky proposed his theory in 1950, and was immediately doxxed by the scientific community.

Well, not doxxed. But he certainly was shouted at, made to look like a crank, and had most of his theories dismissed on reputation rather than logical debate. Doxxed is just what happens to people today, when they disagree with the majority opinion of a group of people who’s ideology is so insecure, that they attack others rather than defend theirs. The more things change…

Anyhoo, I’ve only begun listening to this idea, so I’ll learn more and see what happens. But that was a quick 15 minutes! Sens play tonight and we’re feeling alright!

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A ramble about my life that gradually descends into a ramble about goals

It sure is hard to find some free time. Haven’t watched Gotham, didn’t try out the factorio demo (although the trailer looks super sweet.) Between exercise, piano, work, writing, reading and my let’s plays, I barely get an hour to myself. And lemme tell ya, at the end of the day, I like to veg right out – play some hearthstone while watching a conspiracy documentary out of the corner of my eye, and a Simpsons episode on the go for when my internet cuts out. I mean, after a long day, I don’t have a whole lotta energy left.

Tomorrow I’ve got a date even – Well, we’ll see – if she cancels, then I’ll stay home and go on the internet and probably enjoy myself. Plus the Sens are playing, so I got noooo problems if she cancels. If she doesn’t, then there’s always the possibility that I’ll get along with her, but otherwise it seems like a bit of a chore to shave, get dressed up, go out into the cold, drink a beer, talk about interesting stuff, all while trying to put my best face foreward. I may just cancel on her.

Well, except that she knows her Simpsons. So at the very least, I can play Simpsons trivia over a beer and then leave. Of course, there’s always the possibility we’ll go out and all that good stuff, but I like being alone so much, I ‘unno if that’ll happen. Plus, the logistics of it all – I’m living with the rents until my PhD is done – so that makes things awkward.

Oh well – it is what it is, as the hockey players say. And is also a very Zen phrase now that I think about it.

I suppose one way to recapture my free time would be to block the internet until I’ve done all my goals. Today’s Wednesday, so it’s a rest day – but usually my day will go like: Math, piano, writing, workout, let’s plays, reading, relax. But during math, when I get stuck or frustrated, I’ll generally surf the internet for 5-10 minutes. But the more I take a break to surf the internet, the more I will take a break. What I should do, is leave my phone completely off and the internet sites I most frequently visit blocked until I’m done my goals. It’s tough to do.

I think I’ll make that a priority for next month. This month, my priority has been getting up early and starting work on Math. I’ve stuck to that for a majority of days, so I can count on that habit going forward. I think the trick to self-improvement is not changing too much at a time. Now that I’m used to getting up so pants-shittingly early, I can focus on developing one more habit. Then in March I’ll work on developing another, and so on.

Because the path to success is slow and steady. Everyday you put down another brick to build a solid foundation. Pretty soon, you’ve built a castle.

I could go on and on about my goals, but I wont. Well, maybe a bit more. Eventually, I’d like to write a goals book which lays out the step by step methods one needs in order to change themselves for the better. I think it would be challenging, as all the self-help people out there today (e.g. Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy) and of yesteryear (e.g. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie) are all basically saying the same thing. I would need to figure out some sort of way to differentiate myself from those people, while still providing a clear, concise message. It could be done, but it’d take awhile. And I couldn’t be spending all day on my phone, Boy Howdy!

Anyhoo, I do feel sorta bad about taking a rest day today. But in the month of January, I’ve only had 6 rest days before today – so counting today, that means I’ve had 7 rest days and 21 days of exercise in the month of January. Pretty good average. I think a rest day every 4 days or so is pretty ideal. When it comes to exercising, it’s all about consistency.

That’s 15! Have an awesome day!

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A ramble about AppleJacks, Factorio and the Superb Owl.

Man O man – still haven’t found time to watch gotham. And now I’m two episodes behind with one last night. Just been out and about, I guess. I was at my buddy Apple’s last night for dinner – he’s got two cutie-patootie kids, one thats under a year old, and one who’ll turn 3 on Wednesday. It’s amazing how much energy kids have – after dinner the 3 year old played a game called “monster”, where Apple and I took turns acting like a monster while little AppleJacks (that’s his name) ran away screaming. But that quickly devolved into either I or Apple carrying him around while the other chased me. I unno how long we played – maybe 5 – 10 mins, maybe a bit more – but MAN! This kid was back and forth, energy like a ping-pong ball. Amazing.

Anyhoo, Apple recommended a game called Factorio – link nyah. The trailed looks pretty stupendous. Apparently it’s a supply chain management type of game, which I am really, really good at. So I could easily love this crazy game. I’ll be doing a live playthrough review of the demo for my youtube channel, and I’ll probably talk about that tomorrow. Oh man! I’m stoked – I love discovering a brand new game.

Of course, I don’t really have too much free time – what the writing of my PhD thesis and all. Plus, will all the Tinderfacesnappin, all my free time is spent on my phone.

Welp, we’ll see – I wisely cancelled on a date tonight so I could relax. Too much socializing is too much for me – I love being alone. Everything quiet with no noise – awesome. That’s what I especially like about getting up so early. No one else is up, not even the sun, so I can just enjoy the peace and quiet by myself in the dark and drink coffee.

Man – someone left a comment on my blog which I thought was pretty funny (crude, but funny) and so I’ll link to it.

I listened to what I could handle of all of your favorite songs. To me, and I’m not biased at all, in fact DynamoHumm by Frank Kappa has been an all-time favorite of mine, I must say, your list gave me an equal sensation as to that of which I would imagine would be forcibly having a 800lb circus lady, unshaven, unbathed, naked and sweaty, sitting,…straddling my face with meat flaps open, and extraordinarily farting with immense built up pressure, wet PUSSY poppers into my mouth, down my throat, into my belly, and finally out my ass, at which time it would be bottled, and at a later time, forced into my system for a second time.

Could I possibly be more accurate?

If there’s a queef joke that isn’t funny, I haven’t heard it.

Superbowl comin’ up this Sunday. Patriots against the Seahawks. Seahawks (which is an incredibly awkward thing to type) won last year – and Tom Brady has lost the past 2 previous Super Bowl’s he’s been in. If Tom Brady can throw the ball, then the Pats win. If Marshawn Lynch can break a few beastly runs, then I think the Seahawks win it. Seahawks defense is just too good, I think.

I’m probably going for Tom Brady and the Pats. I like the Seahawks, and that miraculous win against Green Bay was something special, but for some reason I just like the Pats. I ‘unno, maybe it’s because Tom Brady is so handsome – or that I feel bad for them to losing twice to Eli Manning. I ‘unno – hoping for the Pats.

But, I mean, that could change mid-game, who knows. Point is, I’m gonna each a whoooole bunch of pizza and chips and stuff, after dieting and exercising all this week. So I ask you, which one of us is truly insane?

Not me! I got this!

Not me! I got this!

PS: I should give credit to that quote. So full credit to user Max Cohen, whoever you are.

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Brave New Phone part 2

“Not another one about your phone?! We’ve all been using smart phones for the past few years now! You’re *just* discovering how awesome these things are? Jeezus…”

Yeah, my phone is pretty great.

I’ve been playing around with this thing called Tinder. It’s ostensibly a dating app, but apparently people just use it to hook up. Well, all the girls under 30 are down to hook up – all the girls over 30 want a relationship. Mmmkay, you just keep on hoping.

Anyhoo, I’m not lying when I call it a Brave New Phone. People are gonna be so wrapped up in their latest apps and youtube and twitter that they wont see the police state grow up around them. And suddenly we’re all slaves, but we’re too distracted to notice.

Well, we’ll see. I read an interesting idea the other day called “Interest Theory.” Basically, large special interest groups control the world (i.e., oil, gold, drugs, narcotics, textiles, wheat, etc…) but each interest is constantly seeking out more power. So interest groups will align themselves with each other, and backstab and all that in order to gain more power. And in doing so, this works out to be an effective form of governance, as all competing interests effectively balance each other out.

I can sorta see that idea being true. I would still argue that ‘banking elite’ families control most of these major interests, and that there’s a pyramidal hierarchical structure, where the elites are at the top – who are basically above the law, and some of them are into really sick shit – then underneath that are the people useful to the elite (i.e., politicians, leaders of state, entertainment figures) – and then come the wealthy, and the rest of us schlubs.

I don’t know if I necessarily buy into the idea that the ‘banking elite’ are trying to wipe out the population. I think, above all, they want power – and it’s frighteningly easy to control the average human being. In fact, I would wager that it would be pretty easy to control 95% of the population, and that there’ll always be that one standard deviation which will resist control. The elites could wipe out this 5%, but that problem would still remain.

I read a sociology thing online about how it only takes 3% of a population to effectuate a major change, or instill a revolution. I could see the elites wanting to wipe out enough of the ‘standard deviation’ people so that their ranks were thinned to comprise 2% of the total population (or less.)

Because why would the elites want to wipe out the population? Every person is a potential source of income for them – in the form of taxes, or labour or whatever. If you can control everyone with smart phones and reality tv, then there’s no reason to kill them, if they’ll happily do whatever you say.

If I’m an elite, I’m going to kick back on the beach and let people give me money. Give the populace just enough freedom to not want to use it – distract them with bread and circuses – not to mention insert controlled disinformation to distract that 5% of ‘standard deviation’ thinkers – and then you rule the world.

But as there’s several other elite banking families doing the same thing, it comes down to Interest theory. No one of these banker families rules the world – but they certainly collude, and not many of them are doing anything to help the little guy.

But hey man, my phone is sooooo sweet!!!

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A ramble about my phone – and then a summary of some Moby Dick

I still haven’t watched that Gotham episode! Tonight! No exceptions!

I was especially excited for that episode, because it was gonna have Jack “Possible future Joker” Gruber on it. But ever since I’ve got my phone, that’s all I want to do.

First of all – there’s this dating/hookup app called Tinder, which allows me to women instantaneously. I’ve already got more dates than I can handle! And for a guy who doesn’t like socializing, this is a precarious position. I’ve got a date tomorrow, in fact, which I may just blow off in favour of getting some Let’s Plays done. Or just plain’ ol not going outside is a possibility too, we’ll see.

Thing is, I like being alone so much, that if I ever get the chance to be alone, I’m going to take it. At the moment, I live with my parents and my brother – so it’s rare I get the house all to myself for a day. But I know that my brother is working tomorrow evening, and I think my parents are gone up to the cottage over night. So it’s likely I’ll spend the morning working on math, then a solitary afternoon cleaning my house, working out and going to bed early.

Because man, am I ever tired today – again! I keep going to bed around 9:00pm, but my stupid brain doesn’t let me fall asleep until 10:30. Which is stupid of my brain, because my alarm goes off at 5:00am, and after hitting snooze twice (and really relishing how amazingly comfy my bed is) I get right up and get to work.

Thing is, with my new phone – my uninterrupted work time is getting shorter and shorter. Because at 8:00am or so, girls start waking up and texting me. “So what do you do?” is a VERY common refrain. I keep answering with a straight face – but I sorta think I should start giving out joke responses, just to stand out.

Well, we’ll see. This smart phone has thrown my whole preferred solitary lifestyle into turmoil. Now I’m on instagram – and the people I’m following liked my photo, so I’ve gotta like their photo, etc… I’ve gotta sign up for facebook to get on tinder – and now people are messaging me on facebook. And on and on and on…

Despite being a super-awesome piece of technology, my Brave New Phone is always on. It’s always beeping with another tantalizing piece of information to distract me with. I tell ya, my productivity rate has plummeted since I got that phone.

Anyhoo – moving on from my stupid phone. I’m reading Moby Dick, as I’ve said in recent posts – and at about 200 pages it starts getting good. We’ve moved past all the chapters about Whale biology and terminology, and we can finally get to the action.

The first piece of action is when the crew of the Pequod capture a sperm whale. It’s tremendously exciting – they lower about 5 boats into the water, and go chasing after the whale. The harpooners throw their sticks at the whale – from inside the boat – and there’s madness which ensues, as each harpoon is tied to a huge long rope inside the boat. As the whale flees from the boats, the ropes start sizzling out, going this way and that – threatening to injure anyone who doesn’t get out of its way.

And then they manage to catch the whale – actually, the whale is primarily captured by the second mate, Stubb. Afterwards, as they are hauling the whale out of the water to fasten it to the ship, Stubb demands a shank of whale be cooked into a steak for him. Then there’s a humorously racist chapter wherein Stubb yells at the old negro cook about how shitty his whale steak is. And the cook talks like “dis and dere dat” and you can picture the caricature, with big lips and a moon face, like you saw in Vaudeville posters in the early 1900’s.

Regardless, after they kill the whale, they need to fasten him aboard the ship for a night. It takes all hands to cut and clean the whale – so the captain gives the entire crew a night off, to rest up for the cleaning in the morning. At night, a horde of sharks come and start tearing at the whale. This necessitates protective action by the crew – so various harpooners lean over the boat and start killing the sharks. This causes more madness, as the sharks get driven into a frenzy by the fresh blood, and the water around the boat becomes a filthy sea of red.

Finally, they cut and gut the whale – and attach the whale’s head to the side of the boat. Then comes a weird chapter where the Pequod runs into another ship – which has essentially been taken over by a lunatic who’s declared himself the angel Gabriel. The two captains of the ship try to have a talk – but as the other ship has been stricken by plague, the two captains stay on board their own ships, and have a conversation by shouting at one another. Whenever Ahab shouts a message towards the ship – the captain will begin to shout back, only to be shouted over by Gabriel. Gabriel, despite being insane (and who reportedly does no work aboard his ship) nevertheless has rapt command of the crew, and the crew are driven into a frenzy by Gabriel.

I believe this Gabriel chapter is a bit of foreshadowing – as Gabriel is shouting non-stop about the evils of killing whales, and how Moby Dick will eat Ahab.

Anyhoo, the latest chapter I just read, Stubb and Flask (the 3rd mate), capture a right whale, so they can lash its head to the other side of the boat, so that the Pequod will be evenly balanced.

Yeah, whereas before I was all complainy about how boring some of the chapters were. I see now they were necessary (well, most of them.) And now that I’ve gotten used to the language, the book is now wall-to-wall action! I can’t wait to read more tomorrow!

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Brave New Phone

I have a smart phone.

I just got it yesterday. It’s the coolest thing ever.

Before I had one, I was all anti-phone, and thought less of those people who walked around all the time with their head buried in their phone. But now I have one, and I totally see why everyone’s on their goddamn smart phone the whole time.

I used to have an old Samsung slidey-contains-an-actual-keypad type phone, and mostly used it for texting. It could accept image files, but not if they were too big – and the resolution was 256 colour. It was more modern than not having a cell-phone, but was still pretty old.

Originally, the only reason I got the cell phone was because

a) I needed a way for people to contact me

b) It cost me $0 when I signed up for a 2 year hitch.

So yeah, I’ll take a phone for free thanks – 2 year hitch? No problemo. Gimme the cheapest thing you got and now I’ve got a phone number.

But my old phone had grown old – how can I keep up with today’s selfie lifestyle with my shitty phone? Especially when girls are sending me pics of their boobs.

Now I’ve got a smart phone – so I’m all hypnotized with how cool it is. I’ve already downloaded Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, the IMDB app and the tsn app. I all jazzed – when there’s a show that has an app I can now get that app!

But the worrisome thing is, of course, how quickly I became addicted, and how Brave New World-esque each phone is. It sure is easy to distract yourself from everything with a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Why, a government could commite genocide and I wouldn’t care because my phone’s so cool! Oh lookit that thing on Instagram it’s so cool! And snapchat my facebook, that shit is in HD!!!

Anyhoo, still haven’t watched that Gotham episode. I got my smart phone yesterday and have done little else since getting it. But now we’re back on the writing train and so I need to do stuff in order to get ideas for stuff to write about. I can’t just keep writing about dreams I have where I’m called into work.

Actually, I had a sex dream last night – probably cause I was lookin’ at porn on my smart phone before going to bed. Ah, the feelies.

My Dad gets back from Saudi Arabia tonight, which I think is good. As I’m reading a book right now called “The Looming Tower” about the rise of Al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism. I tell ya, the more I read that book, the more in favour I am of profiling. I ‘unno – controversial ideas like that I need to discuss with my buddy who’s a whiz-kid at policy and politics.

But that’ll have to wait for another day – as my 15 minutes are up and now I can get back to my awesome-o smart phone!

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Ramble about me after my cardio

Why is it that before you go workout, your brain is telling you with every fiber of your being not to go workout. But you manage to overcome those voices, and then go work out. Then afterwards, you feel so friggin’ great!

Oh right, the endorphins.

Anyhoo, I didn’t get to watch that episode of Gotham last night. I’ve got it ready to go, but now it’s about finding a time to watch it. I might watch it tonight, when the Sens are playing, we’ll see. I’ve still got another 30 minutes of Moby Dick to go, and then some let’s plays.

My let’s plays are pretty fun. I have this youtube channel where I upload my let’s plays of various video games. (Let’s plays, for the uninformed, are recordings of myself playing a video game and talking over it. South Park just did a whole 2-part episode about famous Let’s Player PewDiePie this past season.) Recently, I turned on ads, so now I’m making money just by playing video games!

It’s not a lot of money, that’s for sure (I’ve earned about $0.30 to date), it’s still a source of income. Over a few years, if I could improve my video editing skills and hone a comedic persona while playing video games, it could be a moderate source of income. Who wouldn’t want to make money playing games!?

Anyhoo number two – the Sens play tonight! Whoopedeedoo Basil. They’re playing the New York Rangers, who are currently sitting at a 26-13-4 record, which is good for 3rd in the Metropolitan division, trailing Pittsburgh and the Islanders. The Islanders are in first? Huh..

I’ll have the Sens game on in the background, if they could win these back to back games, get some rest over the all-star break, and then somehow come back on fire, then the playoffs would still be a possibility. I ‘unno if that’s gonna happen, so we’ll see.

Welp, ramble about me over. I smoked a bit of cannabis before my workout, so I was sort of all over the place today. Oh well… man am I hungry now…

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Ramble about TV and gettin’r going

Hey – what’s goin’ on?

Missed a couple days last week. Thursday was one of those days where I just couldn’t get’r going. It was infuriating at the time – I had a solid sleep the night before, didn’t eat anything outrageous or do nuthin’ to be so tired. But there I was, 8:00 am and outta gas for the day. Frustrating. Had a nap and that didn’t solve much. As a result, I didn’t do my writing – nor much else that day.

I assume these fits and spurts of energy are related to my kidney. For those who don’t know, I had a kidney transplant in 97, and am on some pretty serious pills as a result. It could be that one of the side effects is unforseen lack of energy at certain times. I know that occasionally, I get into a state where I just can’t keep my eyes open. Only once can I remember that this happened during a day where I did very strenuous physical activity – the other times, it just sorta hit me and that was that. My body was all like, “Ok bud. Fuck all this nonsense, we’re on strike!” and my body just refused to work for the rest of the day. Weird.

Anyhoo, I’m back and rarin’ to go. Well, not rarin’ – I don’t really have anything to write about.

Or do I? I could write about how absolutely stoked I am for tonight’s episode of Gotham. The TV trailers showed the character of “Jack Gruber” making another appearance. I think he’s going to turn out to be the Joker – and so tonight will either hint towards that tantalizing future, or demolish it by killing Gruber or something similar. Tell ya what I’m not looking forward to is Jim Gordon’s drama-addicted girlfriend. Yeesh!

As well, I’m hoping that there’ll be a new episode of American Dad tonight. … Nope. Google tells me that American Dad won’t return until February! Shenanigans!!

This weekend was pretty poor for TV. No new Simpsons, no new Bobs Burgers – no new Family Guy (although I watch them out of a sense of duty now instead of looking forward to them.) Rick and Morty won’t be back for a long time – same for Game of Thrones. Nothing new on HBO that looks terribly thrilling – meh. These are the dog days of January, when there’s no new tv – and it’s -30 outside with the wind chill, which is perfect tv-binge-watching weather! Oh well… Champagne problems…

I suppose I could rewatch Firefly. I should really make it a “thing” that I watch Firefly at least once a year. But then I’ll have to end with the movie Serenity, and Wash will die and break my heart all over again. Oh Firefly! You could’ve been so good!

I have a theory that the only reason Castle is still going is because people loved Firefly SO MUCH, that they’ll watch Nathan Fillion no matter what formulaic nonsense-show he’s on – as long as there’s sly references to Firefly along the way.

As far as goals for the day – I only have one thing left to do and that’s read Moby Dick for 30 minutes. I forget where I am in the book – the last chapter I remember reading that was good was about Steelskilt or whoever – and then I think there was a chapter about why albatrosses are good luck, or some painfully boring nonsense. They should really think about making an abridged version – there’s whole chapters that can be cut out without losing any of the plot.

Anyhoodles, that’s 15 minutes. It’s been a slice! Tomorrow will almost certainly be a recap of tonight’s Gotham episode!

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Current tv ramble

I’m reading Moby Dick at the moment, and for the most part, it’s a slog. Every good chapter that Melville has is followed by one or two dreary ones – often about the taxonomy of the whale, or more yammering on about why Moby Dick inspires such terror. Today’s chapter was all about how certain artists of the time failed to paint whales correctly in their paintings. Yeesh!

Most of the chapters could be summed up in one or two sentences. It’s really annoying.

I only bring this up because yesterday I was reading it, and that chapter was awesome! It was about this mutineer named Steelkilt, and his adventures aboard the high seas one day. But in retrospect, it was probably the best chapter I’ve read because it was a tight, concise story. Previously, each chapter has been meandering with no real point. I suppose Melville did this to dramatically paint the picture of 1800’s New England – but the language is so old-timey that I keep having to turn to the dictionary, which takes me out of the moment.

Nevertheless, I will press on – because eventually there’s going to be a fight between Ahab and the whale, and Ishmael and Queequeg will be along for the ride.

Meanwhile, there’s no new Gotham episode this week – nor a new American Dad. Which is a bummer. I thought all the shows were back from winter break, and it’d be one new episode a week from now until about mid-April (AKA: the return of Game of Thrones!)

Man am I excited for the upcoming season of GoT. I finally finished the books a couple months back, so now I know which parts of the tv show are made up, and which are lifted from the book. (Although, there’s so many characters in the book I could easily misremember some people and forget who others are.) Most importantly, Arya (everyone’s favorite or at least second-favorite character) will be training at the house of many faces – which is really an assassin school. That’s gonna be awesome.

As well, Tyrion will show up again – as in the show, the last we saw of him was when he killed his father. I think it might be a couple episodes before Tyrion actually shows up (for dramatic pacing reasons) but who knows.

As for ongoing shows – aside from my beloved cartoons and Gotham, there’s not much I’m watching. There’s (I think) 2 seasons of Boardwalk Empire I have yet to watch – I ‘unno if I’m going to though. I reeeally don’t care for Margaret Thompson (nee Schroeder) and her whining about how she married a gangster. You knew what you were getting into, honey!

I’m sure there’s new HBO series that are coming down the pipe – or have been released that I just haven’t had the time to watch. I heard okay things about Netflix’s Marco Polo – and I could watch that in one shot, so we’ll see. It’s winter, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to curl up on a Friday or Saturday night watchin’ muh stories.

Recently I haven’t been as big on movies – I think probably because I like a long drawn out story. Movies seem so hurried, and it’s easy for me to dismiss the expository dialogue in any run-of-the-mill Hollywood picture. Some movies are amazing and aren’t so hackneyed, but I sort of think that most movies nowadays are cranked out with little thought or feeling. As a result, every movie seems to hit the same note – oh, she’s the love interest, oh, there’s the crisis precipitating the 2nd act, etc…

I will say that Interstellar was a fun movie – but it monkeyed around with space and time. And it’s Deus Ex Machina at the end involved 5th-dimensional beings and a time-traveling tesseract. Definitely not a run-to-the-airport-to-save-the-girl type of movie.

Finally, yesterday’s Family Guy and Simpsons were pretty awful. Simpsons was better by a lot, but I can’t remember the story at the moment – so it certainly couldn’t have been that great.

Stay tuned for more ramblings about television tomorrow!

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