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Nightmare: The Dream Time

3:14 – I tell ya, it is not terribly easy to switch to getting up early. Oh sure, I did get up at 5:00am again this morning, without hitting snooze or nothing – but I sure am tired in the afternoon.

My schedule so far is get up – work on math from 6:00 to 10:00, then exercise. Boom, the hardest part of my day is over, and nothing left to do but enjoy the day! I do have some things I like to do – I’ll spend an hour reading, 30 minutes practicing piano and then 30 minutes writing (here and another blog). But it’s pretty stupid to read right after that tough morning – for one thing, I lay down on my bed to read, which results in an almost instantaneous nap. But that’s cool, it’s all about developing new habits – and the trick there is, force yourself to do them for the first 30 days, and then they should be a habit. Well, we’ll see…

Anyhoo, maybe about a week ago I had a dream. Although, since it was such a terrible dream, it could almost be called a nightmare. Not like the nightmares I had when I was a kid – when I was being chased by gremlins and ghosts and ET: The Extra Terrestrial. No, it’s sort of a more grown up nightmare.

Here’s the dream: I dreamt (dreamed?) that, for some reason, I had accepted a two-day position back at my old job. And the agreement was that I would go back to work two 12 hour, overnight shifts on Saturday and Sunday. But then, when I got there the first day, I had forgotten my security card (which meant I couldn’t leave the room during the shift), and furthermore, I had forgotten all the procedures of my old job, so the whole shift was spent frantically trying to keep up with everyone else.

That’s about the extent of the dream – but as soon as I woke up I was angry at myself. “Why did you agree to go back there?!” I yelled at myself, internally. I mean, I hated that job – that’s why I quit in the first place – why on Earth would I agree to a 2-day contract? What’s more, why would I agree to do two 12-hour overnight shifts? Madness!

But then, as I recalled that I couldn’t remember any of the old protocols, I got angry at my old company! Why the hell do you need me to come in to work? I quit – find someone else!

And then, when I was working, the whole place was staffed with people showing me what to do, because I had forgotten! My whole reason for being there was pointless!

I only bring this up because, although we know our dreams don’t follow any logical structure, I’m still annoyed that my brain would come up with such a cockamamie scheme and drop me in it! Stupid brain – why don’t you dream about what would happen if the horny Swedish bikini team was locked in a room with me, and I’ve only got 24 hours to get them all pregnant?

Brains are weird.

And I also remember a snippet of the dream I had last night – near the end of the dream, I was in this house trying to get my brother’s dog to follow me from room to room. When suddenly, Honey Bunches (AKA: the dog) was snatched up by this mean looking guy – with angry horn rimmed glasses – and that’s when I realized I was trespassing, so I couldn’t yell at him for scooping up Honey Bunches. Instead, I stumbled around outside trying to figure out where he was taking Honey Bunches – and that’s when I spied a little face peeking out at me from behind a tree, so I go over to investigate, and it turns out it’s Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, and he’ll tell me where Honey Bunches is, in return for…

… And then I woke up. Yeah, dreams make no sense – and so that’ll be the last bit of dream analysis I do, until I wake up angry at my brain again for coming up with some hair-brained dream, and then you’ll hear about it! The circle of write!

Anyhoodillydoodles, that’s it for today! Stay tuned for tomorrow – when I’ll likely write about the Ottawa Senators and their upcoming win (hopefully!) against the Bruins!


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