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Madman Mondays – a hungry ramble

I think last post actually had my starting time on it – I can’t remember, and I’m certainly not going back to do something so horrid as editing. Goodness no.

So… myyeah, what to write about?

It was quite the weekend in sports. It was NFL wildcard weekend, featuring two games each on Saturday and Sunday. Plus, as a bonus, there were back-to-back Sens games on the weekend as well! What a time to be alive!

Anyhoo, I’m more concerned with hockey than with football. The Sens won their Saturday game in overtime in Boston, and plain ol’ lost to the TB Lighting last night 4 – 2. I’m a die-hard Sens fan, and I don’t like to say anything negative about my team like all the people I follow on Twitter – but I don’t think we’re going to make the playoffs this year.

We’re currently sitting 3 spots back from the final Wildcard position, and 6 points out. That’s only 3 games, but the way the boys have been playing this year, it’s gonna be tough to match the winning pace of Florida or Boston.

Anyhoo, one solid hot streak and we are right back in this thing baby! Go Sens Go!

What else – well, today is probably the first day back after New Years for most people. I was up at 5:00 – slept in until about 5:20, I just love sleeping in. But still, I was up and ready to work by 6:00, which is my goal for the year. Of course, I had to drive my pops to the airport, and run an errand at school, so that shaved off some time reserved for quality paper-writing. Then I did some cardio – my back and abs are pretty sore from shoveling yesterday, so I just did a treader and some stretching. I could go to Goodlife tomorrow perhaps – man, I could get up at 5:00, go to goodlife, be back here by 7:00 and work until 12:00.

I am very close to having my paper written, you see. It’s a good paper – it’s currently sitting at around 35 pages or so, heavily trimmed down. My co-writer might be able to get it down to 25 pages, but it’s a good, significant paper about binary quadratic Gauss sums over residue rings.

Yeah, see this is what happens when I don’t have a topic to write about. I end up writing about myself and my goals and what I’ve been up to. This is interesting to no one except my stalkers and future assassins. (Next up, my exact schedule and a list of my fears!) Oh well, it’s good practice writing I guess.

I suppose I have nothing to write about because I am currently starving hungry – I was supposed to have my oatmeal and peanut butter before my workout, but I didn’t. And I haven’t eaten anything since my protein shake this morning. So yeah – I’m thinking a big ol’ scoop a peanut butter mixed in with some instant oatmeal is going to taste pretty darn good.

In fact, there’s only 1 minute to go – less than a minute until I get to go get me some sweet, sweet, peanut butter. Booya!


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