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Gotham ramble

I gotta say, Bob’s Burgers is a consistently hilarious show. I had fallen behind over xmas, so I managed to catch up yesterday with the three previous episodes. With each show, it seemed like the animation “popped” more, and I was again, consistently blown away by how good all the voice acting is. It’s a perfect ensemble of 5.

When I say an ensemble of 5, people naturally think of the Simpsons. Though while there’s 5 characters, there’s only 4 voices among them. It’s the 5 voice actors all playing off one another that makes Bob’s Burgers so great.

In fact, the episode that aired most recently had some big name acting talent in it – including Carl Reiner, Nick Offerman and Jordan Peele (from Key and Peele.) Yeah – pretty impressed with Bob’s Burgers recently.

Tonight, for my tv watching pleasure, I’ve got the latest episode of Gotham. Oooh man – this blog just took a turn for the Batman-related, ’cause I’m going to gush about how much I both love and HATE Gotham.

First, the Love. Man, gotta love the Penguin. That guy is pretty top notch. Plus Jada Pinkett, and Cap’n Rawls from the Wire as boss Falcone. Big fan of some of the acting performances thus far – even though it’s a network schlockfest, those actors that can recognize it and play their role to the just-almost-too hammy, gets a win in my book. Also, I love that kid who plays Batman, and Alfred is also phenomenal. Their relationship (Alfred and Wayne) has been the most interesting stuff so far. Plus, locally born boy Donal Logue! He’s been awesome ever since The Tao of Steve.

You betcha – lots of love and things to like about Gotham.

But the Hate. Oh God do I hate the guy who plays Gordon. He’s got such a punchable face for a main character. And his wife? Come on – she’s rich and skinny and hot, but was in a previous lesbian relationship with some cop from Internal Affairs. Ohhhhh, I so don’t care about you and your rich, blonde girl problems. And all her talks with her husband all revolve around her feelings. Guh, wife please – can you not see I’m trying to fight the crime in Gotham City without the help of Batman!

But enough hate – aside from hating the lead actor and his love interest – the best thing going for the show is that it’s delving into territory rarely explored in any Batman movies. (It’s probably been explored plenty in the comics, but I ain’t going back through 500+ issues to find out.) We get to see how Batman became Batman!

Actually, it’s better said that we see the Batpreteen grow into the Batman! Sweet.

More than that – we get to see Gotham go from a relatively safe city to a crime infested hell hole, in desperate need of a healthy cleansing fire… known as the Batman! Dun dun dun DUNNNN!!!

Yeah, Batman man. That guy is cool.

Anyhoo, that about wraps up another exciting edition of 15 minutes of free form rambling. Sens play Philthydelphia tonight, so we’re all hoping for a win and a show of life from the group.


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