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All Ottawa Senators! All the time Sens! Forever and Ever..

Welp, my beloved Ottawa Senators dropped another game in OT last night. Which means they pick up a point, so that’s something. But playing .500 hockey isn’t going to get you into the playoffs.

The ice time usage was interesting. Karlsson got 30 minutes! (We are so lucky to have him.) But at the short end of the scale were Greening with 4:21 of icetime and Legwand with 6:22. Yikes! That’s approaching Kassian level ice time territory.

What the hell happened to David Legwand? I thought that guy was pretty good on the powerplay. He’s had several seasons where he’s scored 50+ points. But maybe he’s suffering from “too-olditis”, and isn’t fast enough to keep up with today’s game.

I think the same might be said for Milan Michalek. He hasn’t scored in forever, and doesn’t seem to have that speed he once had.

I tell ya, ya gotta be a really good skater before you can make it in this leage, boy howdy!

In other Schadenfreudean news, the leafs have fired their head coach, Randy Carlyle! It’s times like these that I don’t mind the Sens season sucking so much, as the Leafs also wallow in misery.

There’s an interview with Phil Kessel where he flips out or something – I ‘unno, I haven’t seen it yet (and probably never will, I don’t care for “players flipping out in the media” type clips, I always sympathize with a player trying to deal with those media jackals day after day) – and there’s pandemonium on TSN, predicting who’s gonna be the next coach, what wacky trades they’re going to make, etc…

Oh yes, the Leafs imploding made my day a little brighter. Easier to choke down a disappointing loss to the Flyers by the Sens.

As of last night’s games, the Sens still sit 3 games out of a wildcard spot. Funnily enough, the final wildcard spot is currently being occupied by the Leafs. Wonder how long they stay there?

I guess that’s about it for hockey related in news.

In “me”-related news, I didn’t get to watch that Gotham episode last night. I watched the Sens game instead. I probably should’ve turned that off and watched Gotham, but oh well. I’ll definitely be watching Gotham tonight, and back with a piping hot review tomorrow.


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