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Conspiracy radians and the latest Bobs Burger

I tell ya, I love watching conspiracies – the crazier the better. I’ll watch anything about UFO’s, ghost, the secret government, Bilderburgers, 9/11, fake moon landing, JFK/RFK/MLK assassinations, mind-control cults, ancient civilizations, etc…

But nothing loses me faster, when people try and ascribe meaning to numbers measured in degrees. For example, they’ll say because this angle is 137.5 degrees, the numbers 137 and 5 have meaning.

As a mathematician, that’s pretty asinine. If some secret alien overload is going to leave a secret message with respect to an angle, then that angle will undoubtedly be measured in RADIANS!

The idea that a circle has 360 degrees is a purely human invention. We’ve defined the degree, by saying there’s 360 of them in a full revolution of a circle. Whereas, radians (i.e. measuring a revolution as 2π) is inherent within any circle!

What I mean to say, is that if an alien measured the radius of a circle of any standard length, that radius would always be 2π, and it’s area would be π^2, etc…

But you get either idiots or disinfo agents who claim that the number 9 is sacred, because a right angle is 90 degrees and thus 9 + 0 = 9. Man, nonsense numerology like that pisses me off. Especially since 9 = 3*3. So it’s not even the 9 that’s important, it’s 3 – but nooo, the secret reptilians that rule the world worship 9 (which upside down is a 6, and 9 = 6+3 means six three’s – aah, number of the beast!)

Make no mistake, there are conspiracies out there, and there’s some weird and wild stuff occurring on this Earth of ours. But shoddy numerology like that isn’t helping anyone.

Anyhoo, that latest Bobs Burger episode was pretty sweet.

Teddy has been home brewing his own beer, and it turns out it’s pretty darn good! So Bob agrees to sell it (illegally), and everything’s going great until the health inspector shows up. The health inspector (who’s name is Hugo, according to Google) has a personal vendetta against Bob, and will stop at nothing until Bob is out of business.

Meanwhile, the Belcher kids have managed to cobble together a go-kart, which they start racing at a local track. Louise wins the “Gene’s hairy mole” contest, so she gets to be the driver, despite Tina having a natural skill. Tina is so good, that a local team recruits her to race for them. Louise is furious that Tina quit the family team and decided to drive for someone else, while Gene has some not-very-good subplot about being a flag waver. In the end, it all leads down to a final race – Tina against Louise. They race neck and neck, and they’re down the final straight until Louise’s car blows a pump. Tina, instead of winning, pushes Louise’s car over the track so the Belcher team wins the race.

Aside from the Gene subplot, this was a pretty excellent episode. Whoever does the voice for Hugo is so furiously over-the-top, and some stand out voice work from Thomas Lennon as well.

I still have those new Simpsons & Family Guy episodes to watch, but that’ll have to wait for another day.


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