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I’m reading Moby Dick at the moment, and for the most part, it’s a slog. Every good chapter that Melville has is followed by one or two dreary ones – often about the taxonomy of the whale, or more yammering on about why Moby Dick inspires such terror. Today’s chapter was all about how certain artists of the time failed to paint whales correctly in their paintings. Yeesh!

Most of the chapters could be summed up in one or two sentences. It’s really annoying.

I only bring this up because yesterday I was reading it, and that chapter was awesome! It was about this mutineer named Steelkilt, and his adventures aboard the high seas one day. But in retrospect, it was probably the best chapter I’ve read because it was a tight, concise story. Previously, each chapter has been meandering with no real point. I suppose Melville did this to dramatically paint the picture of 1800’s New England – but the language is so old-timey that I keep having to turn to the dictionary, which takes me out of the moment.

Nevertheless, I will press on – because eventually there’s going to be a fight between Ahab and the whale, and Ishmael and Queequeg will be along for the ride.

Meanwhile, there’s no new Gotham episode this week – nor a new American Dad. Which is a bummer. I thought all the shows were back from winter break, and it’d be one new episode a week from now until about mid-April (AKA: the return of Game of Thrones!)

Man am I excited for the upcoming season of GoT. I finally finished the books a couple months back, so now I know which parts of the tv show are made up, and which are lifted from the book. (Although, there’s so many characters in the book I could easily misremember some people and forget who others are.) Most importantly, Arya (everyone’s favorite or at least second-favorite character) will be training at the house of many faces – which is really an assassin school. That’s gonna be awesome.

As well, Tyrion will show up again – as in the show, the last we saw of him was when he killed his father. I think it might be a couple episodes before Tyrion actually shows up (for dramatic pacing reasons) but who knows.

As for ongoing shows – aside from my beloved cartoons and Gotham, there’s not much I’m watching. There’s (I think) 2 seasons of Boardwalk Empire I have yet to watch – I ‘unno if I’m going to though. I reeeally don’t care for Margaret Thompson (nee Schroeder) and her whining about how she married a gangster. You knew what you were getting into, honey!

I’m sure there’s new HBO series that are coming down the pipe – or have been released that I just haven’t had the time to watch. I heard okay things about Netflix’s Marco Polo – and I could watch that in one shot, so we’ll see. It’s winter, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to curl up on a Friday or Saturday night watchin’ muh stories.

Recently I haven’t been as big on movies – I think probably because I like a long drawn out story. Movies seem so hurried, and it’s easy for me to dismiss the expository dialogue in any run-of-the-mill Hollywood picture. Some movies are amazing and aren’t so hackneyed, but I sort of think that most movies nowadays are cranked out with little thought or feeling. As a result, every movie seems to hit the same note – oh, she’s the love interest, oh, there’s the crisis precipitating the 2nd act, etc…

I will say that Interstellar was a fun movie – but it monkeyed around with space and time. And it’s Deus Ex Machina at the end involved 5th-dimensional beings and a time-traveling tesseract. Definitely not a run-to-the-airport-to-save-the-girl type of movie.

Finally, yesterday’s Family Guy and Simpsons were pretty awful. Simpsons was better by a lot, but I can’t remember the story at the moment – so it certainly couldn’t have been that great.

Stay tuned for more ramblings about television tomorrow!


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  1. Had to smile about your opinion of Moby Dick so far. I’m also reading it right now, and feel the same about the “old-timey” language and fear those slow and dreary chapters even at the time I’m reading an interesting one.

    Comment by vonhulewicz | January 15, 2015 | Reply

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