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Ramble about me after my cardio

Why is it that before you go workout, your brain is telling you with every fiber of your being not to go workout. But you manage to overcome those voices, and then go work out. Then afterwards, you feel so friggin’ great!

Oh right, the endorphins.

Anyhoo, I didn’t get to watch that episode of Gotham last night. I’ve got it ready to go, but now it’s about finding a time to watch it. I might watch it tonight, when the Sens are playing, we’ll see. I’ve still got another 30 minutes of Moby Dick to go, and then some let’s plays.

My let’s plays are pretty fun. I have this youtube channel where I upload my let’s plays of various video games. (Let’s plays, for the uninformed, are recordings of myself playing a video game and talking over it. South Park just did a whole 2-part episode about famous Let’s Player PewDiePie this past season.) Recently, I turned on ads, so now I’m making money just by playing video games!

It’s not a lot of money, that’s for sure (I’ve earned about $0.30 to date), it’s still a source of income. Over a few years, if I could improve my video editing skills and hone a comedic persona while playing video games, it could be a moderate source of income. Who wouldn’t want to make money playing games!?

Anyhoo number two – the Sens play tonight! Whoopedeedoo Basil. They’re playing the New York Rangers, who are currently sitting at a 26-13-4 record, which is good for 3rd in the Metropolitan division, trailing Pittsburgh and the Islanders. The Islanders are in first? Huh..

I’ll have the Sens game on in the background, if they could win these back to back games, get some rest over the all-star break, and then somehow come back on fire, then the playoffs would still be a possibility. I ‘unno if that’s gonna happen, so we’ll see.

Welp, ramble about me over. I smoked a bit of cannabis before my workout, so I was sort of all over the place today. Oh well… man am I hungry now…


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