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Brave New Phone part 2

“Not another one about your phone?! We’ve all been using smart phones for the past few years now! You’re *just* discovering how awesome these things are? Jeezus…”

Yeah, my phone is pretty great.

I’ve been playing around with this thing called Tinder. It’s ostensibly a dating app, but apparently people just use it to hook up. Well, all the girls under 30 are down to hook up – all the girls over 30 want a relationship. Mmmkay, you just keep on hoping.

Anyhoo, I’m not lying when I call it a Brave New Phone. People are gonna be so wrapped up in their latest apps and youtube and twitter that they wont see the police state grow up around them. And suddenly we’re all slaves, but we’re too distracted to notice.

Well, we’ll see. I read an interesting idea the other day called “Interest Theory.” Basically, large special interest groups control the world (i.e., oil, gold, drugs, narcotics, textiles, wheat, etc…) but each interest is constantly seeking out more power. So interest groups will align themselves with each other, and backstab and all that in order to gain more power. And in doing so, this works out to be an effective form of governance, as all competing interests effectively balance each other out.

I can sorta see that idea being true. I would still argue that ‘banking elite’ families control most of these major interests, and that there’s a pyramidal hierarchical structure, where the elites are at the top – who are basically above the law, and some of them are into really sick shit – then underneath that are the people useful to the elite (i.e., politicians, leaders of state, entertainment figures) – and then come the wealthy, and the rest of us schlubs.

I don’t know if I necessarily buy into the idea that the ‘banking elite’ are trying to wipe out the population. I think, above all, they want power – and it’s frighteningly easy to control the average human being. In fact, I would wager that it would be pretty easy to control 95% of the population, and that there’ll always be that one standard deviation which will resist control. The elites could wipe out this 5%, but that problem would still remain.

I read a sociology thing online about how it only takes 3% of a population to effectuate a major change, or instill a revolution. I could see the elites wanting to wipe out enough of the ‘standard deviation’ people so that their ranks were thinned to comprise 2% of the total population (or less.)

Because why would the elites want to wipe out the population? Every person is a potential source of income for them – in the form of taxes, or labour or whatever. If you can control everyone with smart phones and reality tv, then there’s no reason to kill them, if they’ll happily do whatever you say.

If I’m an elite, I’m going to kick back on the beach and let people give me money. Give the populace just enough freedom to not want to use it – distract them with bread and circuses – not to mention insert controlled disinformation to distract that 5% of ‘standard deviation’ thinkers – and then you rule the world.

But as there’s several other elite banking families doing the same thing, it comes down to Interest theory. No one of these banker families rules the world – but they certainly collude, and not many of them are doing anything to help the little guy.

But hey man, my phone is sooooo sweet!!!


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