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A ramble about AppleJacks, Factorio and the Superb Owl.

Man O man – still haven’t found time to watch gotham. And now I’m two episodes behind with one last night. Just been out and about, I guess. I was at my buddy Apple’s last night for dinner – he’s got two cutie-patootie kids, one thats under a year old, and one who’ll turn 3 on Wednesday. It’s amazing how much energy kids have – after dinner the 3 year old played a game called “monster”, where Apple and I took turns acting like a monster while little AppleJacks (that’s his name) ran away screaming. But that quickly devolved into either I or Apple carrying him around while the other chased me. I unno how long we played – maybe 5 – 10 mins, maybe a bit more – but MAN! This kid was back and forth, energy like a ping-pong ball. Amazing.

Anyhoo, Apple recommended a game called Factorio – link nyah. The trailed looks pretty stupendous. Apparently it’s a supply chain management type of game, which I am really, really good at. So I could easily love this crazy game. I’ll be doing a live playthrough review of the demo for my youtube channel, and I’ll probably talk about that tomorrow. Oh man! I’m stoked – I love discovering a brand new game.

Of course, I don’t really have too much free time – what the writing of my PhD thesis and all. Plus, will all the Tinderfacesnappin, all my free time is spent on my phone.

Welp, we’ll see – I wisely cancelled on a date tonight so I could relax. Too much socializing is too much for me – I love being alone. Everything quiet with no noise – awesome. That’s what I especially like about getting up so early. No one else is up, not even the sun, so I can just enjoy the peace and quiet by myself in the dark and drink coffee.

Man – someone left a comment on my blog which I thought was pretty funny (crude, but funny) and so I’ll link to it.

I listened to what I could handle of all of your favorite songs. To me, and I’m not biased at all, in fact DynamoHumm by Frank Kappa has been an all-time favorite of mine, I must say, your list gave me an equal sensation as to that of which I would imagine would be forcibly having a 800lb circus lady, unshaven, unbathed, naked and sweaty, sitting,…straddling my face with meat flaps open, and extraordinarily farting with immense built up pressure, wet PUSSY poppers into my mouth, down my throat, into my belly, and finally out my ass, at which time it would be bottled, and at a later time, forced into my system for a second time.

Could I possibly be more accurate?

If there’s a queef joke that isn’t funny, I haven’t heard it.

Superbowl comin’ up this Sunday. Patriots against the Seahawks. Seahawks (which is an incredibly awkward thing to type) won last year – and Tom Brady has lost the past 2 previous Super Bowl’s he’s been in. If Tom Brady can throw the ball, then the Pats win. If Marshawn Lynch can break a few beastly runs, then I think the Seahawks win it. Seahawks defense is just too good, I think.

I’m probably going for Tom Brady and the Pats. I like the Seahawks, and that miraculous win against Green Bay was something special, but for some reason I just like the Pats. I ‘unno, maybe it’s because Tom Brady is so handsome – or that I feel bad for them to losing twice to Eli Manning. I ‘unno – hoping for the Pats.

But, I mean, that could change mid-game, who knows. Point is, I’m gonna each a whoooole bunch of pizza and chips and stuff, after dieting and exercising all this week. So I ask you, which one of us is truly insane?

Not me! I got this!

Not me! I got this!

PS: I should give credit to that quote. So full credit to user Max Cohen, whoever you are.


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