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A ramble about my life that gradually descends into a ramble about goals

It sure is hard to find some free time. Haven’t watched Gotham, didn’t try out the factorio demo (although the trailer looks super sweet.) Between exercise, piano, work, writing, reading and my let’s plays, I barely get an hour to myself. And lemme tell ya, at the end of the day, I like to veg right out – play some hearthstone while watching a conspiracy documentary out of the corner of my eye, and a Simpsons episode on the go for when my internet cuts out. I mean, after a long day, I don’t have a whole lotta energy left.

Tomorrow I’ve got a date even – Well, we’ll see – if she cancels, then I’ll stay home and go on the internet and probably enjoy myself. Plus the Sens are playing, so I got noooo problems if she cancels. If she doesn’t, then there’s always the possibility that I’ll get along with her, but otherwise it seems like a bit of a chore to shave, get dressed up, go out into the cold, drink a beer, talk about interesting stuff, all while trying to put my best face foreward. I may just cancel on her.

Well, except that she knows her Simpsons. So at the very least, I can play Simpsons trivia over a beer and then leave. Of course, there’s always the possibility we’ll go out and all that good stuff, but I like being alone so much, I ‘unno if that’ll happen. Plus, the logistics of it all – I’m living with the rents until my PhD is done – so that makes things awkward.

Oh well – it is what it is, as the hockey players say. And is also a very Zen phrase now that I think about it.

I suppose one way to recapture my free time would be to block the internet until I’ve done all my goals. Today’s Wednesday, so it’s a rest day – but usually my day will go like: Math, piano, writing, workout, let’s plays, reading, relax. But during math, when I get stuck or frustrated, I’ll generally surf the internet for 5-10 minutes. But the more I take a break to surf the internet, the more I will take a break. What I should do, is leave my phone completely off and the internet sites I most frequently visit blocked until I’m done my goals. It’s tough to do.

I think I’ll make that a priority for next month. This month, my priority has been getting up early and starting work on Math. I’ve stuck to that for a majority of days, so I can count on that habit going forward. I think the trick to self-improvement is not changing too much at a time. Now that I’m used to getting up so pants-shittingly early, I can focus on developing one more habit. Then in March I’ll work on developing another, and so on.

Because the path to success is slow and steady. Everyday you put down another brick to build a solid foundation. Pretty soon, you’ve built a castle.

I could go on and on about my goals, but I wont. Well, maybe a bit more. Eventually, I’d like to write a goals book which lays out the step by step methods one needs in order to change themselves for the better. I think it would be challenging, as all the self-help people out there today (e.g. Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy) and of yesteryear (e.g. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie) are all basically saying the same thing. I would need to figure out some sort of way to differentiate myself from those people, while still providing a clear, concise message. It could be done, but it’d take awhile. And I couldn’t be spending all day on my phone, Boy Howdy!

Anyhoo, I do feel sorta bad about taking a rest day today. But in the month of January, I’ve only had 6 rest days before today – so counting today, that means I’ve had 7 rest days and 21 days of exercise in the month of January. Pretty good average. I think a rest day every 4 days or so is pretty ideal. When it comes to exercising, it’s all about consistency.

That’s 15! Have an awesome day!


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