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The Velikovsky Tango: A Ramble

Oh man, snowing again. That means I’ll have to shovel later. Blurgh.

I’ve done exercise 6 days in a row and I’m feeling pretty stiff. I walked home today from school – it’s about 5km, took me about an hour – but it was nice and freezing cold, just how I like it. But I ‘unno about going out to do more, man what a hassle.

The two classes I’m TA’ing for have had their first tests. Now I’ve got to mark all of them. Blurgh.

My head is in the clouds today – I’ve pissed away 7 minutes thinking about what I’m going to do later, rather than slam my keys against my mechanical keyboard, machine gun style, and concoct another brew of wordy deliciousness.

Umma wumma mup fup! Ogg jobb fizz!

(I ripped the above off a Get Fuzzy cartoon, wherein Bucky the Kitty goes for his nightly midnight freakout.)

Oh man, really comin’ down now.

Anyhoo – I was just listening to a conspiracy youtube dealie about a scientist called Velikovsky. He was an astronomer that had some pretty far-out ideas of planet formation. His main thesis, is that Venus is a captured comet, and the path of Venus before it settled into orbit agrees historically with ancient legends of cataclysms, including the 10 plagues of Egypt from the bible.

Velikovsky proposed his theory in 1950, and was immediately doxxed by the scientific community.

Well, not doxxed. But he certainly was shouted at, made to look like a crank, and had most of his theories dismissed on reputation rather than logical debate. Doxxed is just what happens to people today, when they disagree with the majority opinion of a group of people who’s ideology is so insecure, that they attack others rather than defend theirs. The more things change…

Anyhoo, I’ve only begun listening to this idea, so I’ll learn more and see what happens. But that was a quick 15 minutes! Sens play tonight and we’re feeling alright!


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