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A ramble about the Sens and this lost season

Guh. The Sens lost again last night. 6-3 to the Dallas Stars. AKA: Spezza’s revenge. Now we’re 12 points back and reeeeallly unlikely to make the playoffs. If I’m the coach, I’m sitting all my veterans and getting the young guys some time. They can learn the system and develop their game and prepare for next year.

Thing is, the team isn’t all that bad – just young. Which means they’re prone to making many mistakes, and often enough, those mistakes end up in the back of the net. Since Cameron took over, the team has been playing a lot better. But it’s still a mediocre team.

Zibanejad is only 21, and hasn’t really developed into a #1 center that can compete with, say, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Anze Kopitar (which we could’ve had, except we took Brian Lee! D’oh!), etc… Kyle Turris has been playing the #1 role, but he’s a bit small, and I think would slot better in the #2 center spot. The #3 center spot I would give to David Legwand – but he’s been a healthy scratch by the coach for the past 2 games, and getting a lot of hate on Twitter. (I ‘unno why – maybe he’s too slow now to keep up with the faster pace, tough to say.) Then the #4 spot can be battled out amongst Zack Smith, Curtis Lazar and JG Pageau.

I unno – I’m just spitballing. I’m a fan of the team, not any sort of hockey wizard – so who the heck knows? The coach is gonna do what he does, and no matter what I do, I’ll never have an effect on the lines.

Anyhoo, Sens play tomorrow at 3:00pm against the lowly Coyotes. Hopefully we win that one and go on a miraculous streak – but I don’t see the streak happening. I sure see the win happening – as the Sens are basically a .500 team, and the ‘win one, lose one’ pattern has been evident for some time now. Bleah. Hockey is much more fun when the team you’re following is winning and looks like they’ll make the playoffs.

In other news… well, what other news is there? I managed to reschedule that date to Saturday. So that’s cool.

Other than that… Nothin’ new but my goals. Working daily on all my stuff… Non-stop work until about 6:00 in the evening, when I get to relax for a couple hours before going to bed. But tonight is Friday, so I get to stay up late! Wahoo!

After being on Tinder for a bit, I’d say my main goal is to lose weight so I can match up with better looking girls. I follow a bunch of motivational people on Instagram, so whenever I don’t feel like doing a workout, I’ll go on Instagram, see all the hotness, and that’ll motivate me to get to work. In fact, I’m 3 minutes away from going to do today’s workout!

In an ideal world, I’d get up at 5:00, do my goals, workout at 6:00, then work from about 8:00 – 12:00 or so on my math, then play some piano, write, read, do some let’s plays and then relax for the rest of the day. Right now, I live with people, so grunting and banging metal around at 6:00AM is not in the cards. Oh well, life moves forwards. One day I’ll live in my awesome dream house with built in gym with sound system playing non-stop “Dopesmoker” by Sleep. But until then, I’ll wait until the afternoon.

Anyhoo, this has been Funday Friday! Another ramble about me and my stuff. (Hey, this is my blog, after all…) See y’all on Monday! Hopefully I’ll have watched Gotham by then!


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