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A ramble about piano and being tired

Oh man – draggy ass day today. I woke up at 3:00 and sorta tossed and turned until I had to get up. Needless to say, I’m pretty tired today – and when I get tired, stuff don’t get done.

Well, I shouldn’t say stuff don’t get done – I did do some good things today. But man am I ever goldbricking. I’m definitely not doing my leg workout – we’ll see if I get any let’s plays done. Whooo-eee, life is hard when you’re tired. I am drinking coffee, so that’ll perk me up a bit, I hope.

I remember reading a comic once about the different between being sleepy and being tired. Being sleepy is a cute thing – it happens at the end of the day, when you’re already sorta warm in bed, or snuggled up on the couch under a blanket. It might even be pronounced “sweepy”, because of how cute it is. When one is sleepy, it’s generally late in the day and bedtime is immanent.

But when one is tired, it’s usually early in the day, and you’ve got stuff to do. One is often tired at school, at work, in a business meeting, visiting great Aunt Hortense. Being tired is a chore, because it generally means you didn’t get a good enough sleep, and outrageous demands are being asked of you. What constitutes an outrageous demand when you’re tired? Anything that doesn’t involve lying down in bed and relaxing.

So I’m tired. And it’s sucking.

But in good news – I did manage to play the piano for 30 minutes today. I’m getting to the point where I’m looking forward to playing piano. I used to sort of not want to do it, because I wasn’t very good. But I picked up a better piano book – and now I’m really progressing. I’m starting to learn a few blues chords, which is basically one step away from being a rock star. After practicing piano, I’ll often have those pieces stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Which gives me more incentive to practice the next day, because I want to get better at those pieces. Yessiree, once you get passed the ‘sucking shit’ stage of a new hobby, it’s tremendous fun.

I'm just passed the sucking shit hump!

I’m just passed the sucking shit hump!

The non-fiction book I’m reading now is called “Drugs, Oil and War” by Peter Dale Scott. It’s an exploration of how drugs and oil work to shape America’s foreign policy. The basic premise is that America will go to work in order to monopolize or exploit an oil resource, and that they’ll increase drug production in those countries, and use those narco-dollars to line their pockets, slush their funds and how most of that money will end up in American banks. It’s pretty thoroughly footnoted – so anyone who thinks that any American war isn’t about drugs or oil, then you’ll be proven wrong by this book.

It’s an interesting book. Makes me appreciate just how corrupt the American system really is.

Anyhoo, that’s close enough to 15 minutes for my purpose. Until tomorrow, when I’m not as tired!


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