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Early morning rant: Gamergate and climate change.

Wow. Just wow. Doing my writing in the morning. What a wacky concept!

I tell ya, the media is not trustworthy. Every time you read a news story you should be thinking, “What’s the angle? What’s their bias? What are they not telling me?” Most journalists are shitheel dirtbags who want to break a big story so they can be famous and get on tv.

Case in point, Gamergate. Gamergate started when it came to light that a female game developer slept with people in the industry for favorable reviews and to get her game noticed. (Aside: her game is really, really terrible.) Naturally, there was outrage by nerds on the internet, rightfully aghast at the level of collusion and favoritism taking place. A twitter storm then ensued.

This wouldn’t have been such a big deal – but then the gaming media circled the wagons, and started releasing hit-pieces about how ‘gamers are dead’, and that anyone who promotes Gamergate is just a misogynist who doesn’t want women in gaming. (Aside: that idea is nonsensical, since games are freely available to purchase.)

However, afterwards, big media started colluding with the games media, promoting the idea that Gamergate is a ‘hate movement’, and that anyone who supports Gamergate is simply a harasser of women, misogynist, etc…

Gee, which one is more likely. Either the vast majority of gamers really hate women, and spend all their time harassing women (for some ill-defined reason) – or the media is a corrupt industry, and people in the media are promoting this narrative so their gravy-train doesn’t end.

In a similar vein, when people talk about climate change in the media, anyone who doesn’t agree with the conclusions arrived at by scientists that are reported on are “climate change deniers.” It’s clear that the media is trying to link denial of climate change (as if it were a yes/no question to begin with) with the most odious of denials: holocaust denial. It is incredibly short-sighted to frame climate change/global warming as a yes/no question – especially when during the 70’s there was an hysteria over global cooling.

The fact of the matter is, we don’t know how the sun works. We can’t predict with any degree of accuracy when sunspots will appear – or how big the next solar flare will be. And if we can’t determine how the largest energy out-putter functions, then why can we possibly determine how our climate will act?

Climate is a chaotic system. A known fact about chaotic systems is that one can’t make testable predictions about them. We can’t predict the weather past 48 hours with any degree of accuracy – why is it that people think we’ll be able to determine large scale climate changes that will occur 50 years in the future?

The Earth is an old planet. 4 point something billion years old. That’s a long time for this planet to be around. Ergo, any trends made based on hundreds of thousands of years of information is a local trend. Oh, it’s been warming steadily for the past decade? Great, now tell me where this pattern fits into the past billion years of warming/cooling trends.

But the main problem I have with this climate change narrative is the offered solution. What’s the stated solution? More taxes. Oh, you mean more taxes for businesses who pollute the waters and poison the air? No, more taxes for Joe Lunchpail.

So of fucking course it’s a scam! When the media is desperate to create a narrative, and link denial of climate change with holocaust denial – so that people now have a visceral reaction to anyone who doesn’t automatically believe the media, then that’s a big fucking scam.

Finally, if you believe in global warming (as climate change is a tautology), then that’s awesome. People make the knee-jerk assumption that, if you don’t believe in global warming, then you’re pro-big oil, pro-big business, and pro-everything that they’re against. Once more, a clear indication that people have not thought through the narrative the media is promoting.

Stop. Think. Realize that people can disagree with you and still be worthwhile people. The world will not end if someone has a difference of opinion.

But most of all, complex scientific issues can not be boiled down to yes/no questions – and the ‘no’ sides aren’t your enemy.


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