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A ramble about my math writing and my weekend

Man o man. I think I gotta stop getting up at 5:00am. Sure, I get lots of stuff done during the day, but man am I ever tired by midday. I’m thinking after I do my 15 minutes of writing here, I’m gonna get my LP’s outta the way, then do my workout, then settle back to read my books. I’m predicting an almost instantaneous nap once I start reading my non-fiction book.

The way I like to do things, is read my non-fiction book first, and then move onto my fiction book. But as I keep falling asleep during the non-fiction book, I figure I’ll shorten my reading time from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, so that I can pay attention for 15 minutes for each book. Although I do still sorta feel like even with that, I will be taking a nap.

Which is terrible if you want to catch up on sleep. It’d be much better if I could just stay up and not nap and then go to bed early. I think that’s what I’ll try and do – so that instead of reading lying on my bed I will read sitting up at my desk. Pretty tough to nap when I’m not lying down on my cozy, cozy bed.

Anyhoo, in more “me”-related news, I submitted my first article back to the publishers on Friday. The referee said my article was very well written, and the only necessary change is to alphabetize the index. Pretty darn good for a first publication, I’d say. It’s understood that if the referee doesn’t suggest many changes, then my article was pretty awesome to begin with. Happy about that.

Furthermore, I also sent my prof the latest draft of my second publication, which I’ve been working on since mid-December. This second paper is a monster. It’s currently 45 pages, although I imagine that’ll be trimmed down somewhat. The article is just one small part of what will be my PhD thesis. With that rough draft outta the way (for now), I can turn my attention to my thesis. I’ve barely started, so that’s gonna occupy a hell of a lot of time from now until the early Summer. Luckily, reading week is next week, and so I will basically try to burn through it that whole week. Doing nothing but writing math each day.

Well, it’s tough to write math all day. I started this morning at 6:00 and worked steadily to just before noon. Lemme tell ya, that’s tiresome. It’s tough to think about math for that long. I’m sorta getting my second wind now, but I was exhausted by the time I e-mailed it in.

Not to mention that, I booked today for a wake and bake sesh. So I’m pleasantly stoned and will be for the rest of the day. Don’t have to go anywhere or see anybody. Just relaxing and doing my work. Awesome.

In other tv and stuff related news – I didn’t get to watch much tv or play video games this weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday nights with a girl I like. It’s been awhile since I’ve liked any girl enough to spend two days in a row with her, so I’m pleasantly surprised at how things are going. With the complexity of modern relationships, I’m not looking to throw myself back into LTR land (although that would be my tendency.) Instead, I’m going to try and just enjoy things and not think too much ahead.

I think it’s because I’m so goal-oriented, that if I spend time with someone, I want to project how my life would look going forward with them in it. Of course, we’ve only been out a few times, so to look that far ahead is definitely premature. But it’s fun to meet someone who’s company I really enjoy.

Anyhoo, there’s your Monday morning coffee-soaked ramble-damble. Hearts and puppy dogs.


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