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Another tired ramble

I think I’ve gotta lay off the whole “getting up at 5:00am” thing. I keep waking up tired. I don’t get it – I was in bed at 8:30 last night, slept soundly until my alarm went off, hit snooze twice – and then was tired by 9:30am. Ridiculous.

Of course, the same thing happened yesterday – and then I went and did a workout and miraculously wasn’t tired anymore. So that’s probably what I’m going to do next. Or maybe I’ll do a let’s play real quick and then do my workout. After my workout, I plan on reading for an hour, which will have a high tendency towards napping, so I will resist that as well.

Wow – I spent the past 5 minutes just staring into space. That’s how tired I am.

Seriously – I feel like there’s been a bunch of posts in the last little while about how I’m waking up tired. So that’s probably gonna be it for waking up at 5:00am.

I can remember back when I was living downtown, I would reliably fall asleep around 11:00 every night and then naturally wake up at 7:00. That’s probably my best bet for sleeping. Not to mention I can keep that routine going throughout the weekend.

Anyhoo – not much else going. I blocked reddit, twitter and my regular sites from my main computer. It really helps with keeping my disciplined about working on my goals. However, I haven’t figured out how to block these sites from my phone – so now all my procrastination tools are on my phone. But lemme tell ya, it’s a LOT easier to just leave the phone in the other room, or turn it off and not touch it, than it is to resist clicking on an internet link on the computer I’m working on.

There’s a tip for anyone looking for a productivity boost. Find out what websites you habitually click on in order to take a break – and then straight up block those websites from your computer. You’ll still be tempted to visit those sites, but if they’re blocked, your brain does an, “Oh yeah!” and gets back to work. At least, that’s what mine does!

In other activity related news – the game I’ve been playing a whole bunch of lately is Factorio. I wrote a post about it before. But man! What a deep game. It’s all about production and input and outputs – optimizing flows, basically a math game. Except there’s bugs that roam around and try and wreck your stuff, so you have to defend your base. And as your base gets more and more efficient, you unlock better technologies, which allows for more efficient factory lines, and you can now harvest more and more resources, etc..

The game’s only in its early stages, which means that it’s going to get better and better as it goes on. I can’t wait!


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