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Still tired: A ramble about the electric solar system

Unbelievable. How can I *still* be tired? It’s ridiculous. I got home at 10:00 last night, so I set my alarm for 8:00am so I could make sure I had a good sleep. Then woke up at 6:00am and I was up and ready to go. It was fine for a bit and then – boom – tired at 10:30. Stupid brain. Do a better job!

Anyhoo, what’s been going on? Not much with me – I’ve been spending a lot of free time with this girl I like. My evening last night was fun, full of snuggles and cuddles and all that. Which is fun, but it doesn’t leave me a lot to write about, because I’m certainly not going to write about my personal life.

I’ll instead talk about this neat planetary formation video I saw, which basically claims that our whole notion of planetary formation is wrong.

Their basic thesis beings with Velikovsky’s idea that Venus is a recently captured comet. Further, they claim that in ancient times, Saturn was a lot closer to Earth than it is currently. (Or it was a lot brighter than it is currently, I may be misremembering that.) Anyhoo, they claim that the solar system acts as an electric field, and that as two bodies with different electric potentials move close to one another, they will give off plasma discharges.

The idea goes that as Venus was ejected from Jupiter, it lay in between Saturn and Mars. Moreover, it was a very bright object in the sky, which lead to various myths of creation pertaining to these astronomical bodies. Their thesis is that as Venus approached Mars, their difference in electric potential created huge plasma discharges between the two bodies. As these bodies lay in front of a very bright Saturn, these plasma discharges were very visible in the sky. As Venus and Mars moved closer together and then further apart, the changes in these plasma discharges led to different plasma shapes in the sky, which may account for some of the features of the ancient Gods similar among all ancient cultures.

The most intriguing idea is when Mars and Venus finally drifted so far apart, that the plasma streams between the two bodies broke, leading to a violent disturbance in space. They claim that this disturbance accounts for the historical notion of a dragon or serpent.

After all, there was never any such thing as a dragon. As the bodies separated, the plasma discharges between the two planets twirled and coiled, much like a snake. Further, there was a violent separation – which may account for the historical notion of a fire-breathing dragon. (That is, the fire is the electrical discharges from the plasma breaking up.)

It’s certainly a very neat idea. If you want to check it out, I’ve embedded the first documentary on the subject below:

I hope that works!

Anyhoo, it’s a very intriguing theory. One thing that sort of leads me to believe them, is just how much Velikovsky was ridiculed when he first came out with his theory. It’s one thing to disagree using the scientific method, but when scientists disagree with a work simply out of hand, then either the theory is so ridiculous that it doesn’t merit consideration, or the theory threatens that scientists way of life. As Velikovsky was a serious researcher (friends with Einstein, as it goes), I very much suspect that he was shouted down and ridiculed so that the planetary scientists of the day could keep their grant money.

Luckily I work in theoretical mathematics, and I’m sure nothing like that could ever happen in my field. Sarc mark.


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