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A ramble about goals and visualization, with some nonsense references thrown in at the end

Missed another one yesterday – oh well, back on ‘er today.

That’s the thing with goals, you don’t hit a target. Set a new target. Now, using the Seinfeld method, I’ll see how long I can keep my streak going, starting today.

One thing I have been doing regularly is visualization. Every morning, I’ve set aside 15 minutes for visualization. What I do, is for 3 minutes at a time, I visualize my goals in the areas of Health, Love, Math, Fortune and Fame. I try and picture myself as I will be, when I achieve all my goals.

It’s really hard.

It’s hard to visualize yourself in the third person. How you’ll look like.

The way I do it is to try and picture myself achieving the goal, and thinking about how I’ll feel in that moment.

But it’s hard to do, and ineffective. So what I think I’m going to do, is visualize how I’ll achieve my goals that day. Or try and picture myself doing a montage like sequence containing all my daily chores.

Because ultimately, life is like a movie. What you visualize will happen will come true, essentially. All those sayings about being positive are true – because like attracts like. If you hang out with more positive, goal-oriented people, you become more positive and goal-oriented.

And today’s is short because I keep drifting off… because of the cannabis, you see. (1)

Holy shit! End notes! I haven’t done end notes in like, forever! (2)

Is it because I was practicing piano just before this, and now it’s like a song? (3)

Sing free form Jazz with me! Bloop-bu-du-baaaa, beedley-bwaaahhh.(4)

(1) It’s the Nargles, you see.

(2) For good reason.

(3) We have a good back and forth, you and I. (5)

(4) American Dad reference.

(5) I too, am an American Dad reference. (6)

(6) To be read, in the voice, of Stan Smith… from American Dad.


On TBS! We can say “shit” once during the show!


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