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A short ramble about reading and stuff

Wow! A Saturday post.

I’ve been slacking on my reading. I have a goal to read for an hour a day – 30 minutes fiction, 30 minutes non-fiction. It doesn’t help that both of the books I’m reading now are super boring.

First, the non-fiction book is a conspiracy type book about oil, drugs and America’s foreign policy. But it’s super-dry. Dryer than the driest desert in a heat wave. I often fall asleep while reading it.

The fiction book is Moby Dick. I’ve written about it previously on this blog – how one exciting chapter will be followed by two or three boring chapters. Ugh. It is a slog. I’m sorta at that point where I’m thinking about ditching it – but instead, I’ll switch my goal back to 30 minutes of reading a day. I’ve done that in the past, so I’m sure I can do it in the future.

That’s the thing with goals. If you try and do more, and it fails, then move back to doing a little bit less. For example, I used to be practicing piano for only 15 minutes a day. Now I’ll happily practice for 30 minutes at a time. But moving up in book reading time doesn’t seem to be working, so I’ll bump that back to 30 minutes. Then, next time, I’ll probably just increase it to 40 minutes of reading. We’ll see what works.

The Sens play today – but I don’t really care anymore. This season is long gone, and I’ll only be watching ’cause that’s when I’ll be doing my cardio. Bleah.

Wow – keeping spacing off again. That’s whatcha get, I suppose… for herbing that derbing.

No end notes no nothing. I keep thinking ’bout this chick. I’m not sure I’m cut out for modern dating.


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