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A Sunday post? Oh man, now I’ve gone too far.

I’ve got these big wall calendars, and every day I do 15 minutes of writing on this blog, I put a big X on the calendar. Then, I try and see how many days in a row I can keep the streak going. I’ve heard this referred to as the “Seinfeld method”, but it may be called something else. Anyhoo, the genius of the Seinfeld method is, after that first day, you’ve got a big visual reminder of what you should do. Lemme tell ya, it’s very satisfying when that streak gets up there.

Hence, a Sunday post.

Sooo… what to write about. The Sens won yesterday – a 7-2 drubbing of the Edmonton Oilers. I doubt they’ll make the playoffs, but hope springs eternal.

What else… didn’t get any reading done yesterday. I started to read my policy book and then BLAMMO, lights out nap time. I’ll switch to 15 minutes per book – that should get me through it. Although it does mean I’m stuck reading Moby Dick for the time being. Hopefully cool stuff will happen soon.

I’m going to try out Parks and Recreation again as a show. I keep seeing youtube clips and imgur posts featuring hilarious bits from the show. I tried watching it previously, but found it pretty dull. However, I read online that if one is to watch P&R, it’s best to just start straight from Season 2, skipping the 6 or 8 episode piss poor season 1. And that’s what I’m-a-gonna do.

Man what else? Not much is going on. I’m on reading week this week, and so I’ll spend all week getting up early and working on my thesis. I do still have a pack of tests to mark, but with my brilliant “mark one question a day” strategy, I only have one question left to go. So I’ll take care of that tomorrow morning, then go hang out with my buddy Apple for lunch. He’s got a cutie-patootie kid which I call AppleJacks – and as long as I bring cookies everytime, I’ll be his favourite uncle!

Been watching some Bill Burr recently. He’s a funny dude. He’s got a great new special out that you should watch and/or purchase. It’s called “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” – and it’s shot in black and white for some reason.

In goal-related news, I managed to squeeze in 6 workouts last week – with one of the workouts being shoveling snow for 40+ minutes. Really, that’s 5 solid workouts – which is pretty darn good. The thing about fitness is that it’s achieved through consistency. As long as I keep to my daily 2000 calorie ceiling and workout regularly, sooner than later, I’m gonna look pretty darn good.

But maaaan. Am I sore and tired. I slept for like, 9 hours last night. I figure I’ve gotta eat a bit more, and sleep a bit more. But fitness is a life long challenge, and if I do a little each day, pretty soon I’ll achieve my goal. Then it’s about maintaining it for the next 50 years.

And that’s 15 minutes! Have a lazy, weed-filled Sunday!


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